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  1. to be fair, I use a gps app on my phone/ apple watch that also gives me basic numbers. Comes in handy when I can't get on the flag so there are a few numbers avail to me. I'm a 12 hcp and I can't dial my shots to precise yardages so for the few hundred dollars cheaper price point it suffices for me. I like the slope feature as well and my 15yr old Nikon did not have that, if it did I would not have replaced it.
  2. May just be an issue with his, mine is pretty spot on to my two buddies bushnells at most we are a yard or so and I not a yard or two precise.
  3. I have a blue tees, it has slope, bought on black friday sale a couple years ago now, It works great and gives the info. Case is good, xtra battery, haptic vibration on flag lock as well as visual lock. It suffices for my needs, I replaced a nikon with it.
  4. My buddy left his in a cart and lost it. I gave him mine which is bright green when I went to the watch
  5. it's generally a 70/30 split of laying up vs going for it. I recently see data analysis that indicated it is better to get as close to the hole as possible with every shot. I completely understand that, however I struggle with driver (But lessons are helping) so I often times club down to avoid the extra shot penalty. and this repeats along the way. The side note to this is, my short game is pretty good so I don't worry a lot when I do go for it and miss. So there's that, but Id say the lay up is more a result of a poor tee shot most of the time. Also I don't like to hold up play if its crowded behind me waiting for a green to clear just to miss. But that's just me.
  6. have an old titleist towel I just replaced with a waffle towel from an event I attended. and I also use the grove it brush.
  7. I concur here in contacting the person who did your driver fitting, I just did a fitting and I have the same shaft in my 5wd as my driver, don't carry 3wd and it works fantastic. Also same in my hybrid just a bit heavier.
  8. I'm a lefty as well and recently got fitted into the taylormade p770 standard length 1* upright with kbs $ taper in stiff. I'm a 12 hcp currently. Prior to these I was playing 2007 Callaway Xforged with project x 6.5's and loved them. At one point back then I was playing to a 5hcp. 5 years away from the game and coming back from injury and the irons did not hold me back and I was at about a 20 when I started back. New clubs I went a couple degrees stronger because of age and injury and stiff shafts rather than xstiff. Honestly I could have kept playing the same ones, I felt I just needed a bit of distance help,(really didn't) I'm still contemplating trying the callaway apex line maybe a combo set. I cant get an approach wedge in lefty that matches my 770's and I think the apex I might so that has me thinking. Yep callaway offers the approach wedge just looked through the site. My fitting was with taylormade at a demo day/fitting. They got the clubs right, and it took about 2 months to get everything in.
  9. I had a bushnell phantom, liked it a bunch. I use a rangefinder and an app so all three was a bit much. I have an apple watch so I put the app on there and use it instead so I didn't need the phantom anymore. Just really depends if you want to wear a watch when you play.
  10. I've not got to play the kirkland gloves because Im an lefty and have not seen them for us.
  11. Gloves- I have seen reviews on the kirkland (costco) gloves as a great glove for the money. also I have picked up a couple of these to try and they aren't bad either. https://mggolf.com/golf-gloves/ Take a few lessons to get the basics and potentially eliminate bad habits or swings. (more important than you think) when I was new I would let any group no matter the size play thru just to stay out of the way as well as I didn't like having a tee box audience LOL Plus I was hitting it into the trees off the tee and then thinking I could make the hero shot through the trees rather than punching it back out.LOL 4 shots later along the tree line. LOL I kept score just because I wanted to learn and it did not discourage me. Im pretty strict on myself but new friends that play, if they need to drop etc, I tell them to put it in the fairway or light rough rather than the deep stuff, no sense making it harder on yourself. I have a friend that wants to have a comp every time we play and he cheats every time we play. If i followed him an entire round and just kept his score he'd rarely break a 100, but always says he shot in the 80's. this is the guy you don't want to be. LOL most of all just have fun and make it how you enjoy it the most.
  12. I have tattoos and have never had any mention of them but then again I have been accused of not necessarily being the most approachable either. the old adage, "you're not very approachable, yet here you are!"
  13. The challenge, always trying to improve, Im not to big on the "Competition" aspect, me against the course is my thing. The fresh air, laughs and seeing good golf by me or others is a lot of fun.
  14. I only let that go for a little bit and if I can't seem to figure it out, i go for a lesson. My guy I used to go to called it the "three ball fix" he'd watch me hit three and tell me the problem and then I'd move on. Still works even with my new instructor.
  15. 0% used to use it all the time, then switched to a 56* and never looked back.
  16. I use both, well the phone also so thres! Bushnell phantom for $79 US during black friday deal, and a blue tees range finder. Hole19 app on phone. I clip the phantom to my cart strap on my push cart. It has a belt clp with magnet, it also sticks to the driving cart as well if i'm in one of those. The range finder has slope so it helps a ton on hilly courses which we have here. The phantom doesn't give that. The range finder is also great for practice. I think I paid $250 for both devices. Not bad.
  17. I am, although this post is a couple years old. if you're still around the area let me know
  18. For arccos users, has anyone had problems with grip sensors dying alot? not the screw in ones but the actual embedded in the grip sensors? thanks
  19. I play xstiff in irons, stiff in everything else. hybrids, wedges, fairway, driver
  20. I was disappointed in the fact that there were no OEM's avail. I've read reviews as well that if you order a driver and are buying a upgrade shaft, the oem that comes with it to them is not given to you either. you only get the head and upgraded shaft. I understand the business side, but it's not for me.
  21. I just went to CC for a putter fitting this last Saturday. The first thing the fitter said was "So you're looking for a new putter". I said Nope, just want to get this one fitted to see if any changes need to be made. We were off and running. Recommendations were made, he adjusted the lie angle at no additional charge, and I learned i needed to add 1 inch to my putter which they did right there while I waited and it was $15. The fitting made a difference on putter strike etc. Of course that won't help my green reading LOL but at least I'll be consistent. All and all a great experience for me and worth it. Side note: I asked about driver fitting, I was told they do not have OEM shafts for any clubs, every shaft is "Small batch". Now I don't have an opinion on that but for me and my game as a weekend golfer that generally shoots in the 80's from white tees with relatively minimal practice, (once upon a time 10yrs ago I was a 7hcp) I just didn't want to spend that much money to hopefully save a stroke or two. Now.. that is just me, I also don't generally buy clubs full retail either. You can call and ask a bunch of questions up front as well. I have done a lot of research on them, and for me and my game, I just don't see the value mostly because I'm cheap. LOL
  22. I installed the standard MCC plus4's on everything, I noticed an improvement with them. I was playing the regular mcc's for a lot of years prior to these. I picked up a few yards with them, and since I was already playing the grip is wasn't a big stretch to try them out.
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