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  1. I was able to reach Customer Service on third attempt (about an hour later then earlier attempts). I had no problem cancelling my order as it hadn't been processed. Again thanks to all that have commented on this company and their products. I will say the experience with them was actually very good. After more thought I found that I didn't really need new golf clubs, free or otherwise, and I shouldn't have been motivated by their email to begin with.
  2. Silverhorn43, I just noticed your handle "Bugles Across America". Great job. Part of the reason I ordered these clubs was related to the Patriot symbology. I actually hoped it had more to do with veterans and less to do about mass marketing to the gullible. I think in retrospect I was mislead, considering I absolutely never, in the past, have fallen for sketchy 'free' stuff marketing. I stupidly rationalized my decision based on helping veterans and 'evaluating' a new product developed to help veterans. I was wrong in my initial thoughts and see by the many responses to thi
  3. Hi Siverhorn43, I called the Customer Service number 1 888 864-9728. Pick any option and you get sent to voice mail which is currently full and then you are disconnected. I will keep trying periodically and see if I get through. Thanks for welcome!
  4. I liked the veteran pitch and ordered a set. I did this before reading all your great comments. To make it short, I decided to cancel order. All phone calls to 888 number are going to voicemail, and the voicemail is full so I am unable to make contact with customer service. I will continue to try but frankly wish I used more of my common sense before going down this rabbit hole.
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