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  1. I picked up a GoGoGo Range Finder w/slope off Facebook Marketplace for $60. Can't imagine spending more than $100 with all of the free technology out now.
  2. It's Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs for the next 15 years. Sorry to break it to y'all!
  3. I appreciate the info fellas! I'm not the best player in the world and not terribly familiar with the data and how it translates. I was just thrilled to see my gamble pay off! Played a few rounds this past weekend and hit some beauties. Cheers!
  4. I've been buying balls cheap off the internet lately and most of them look like they've hardly been touched. Curious to see if they stack up with balls out the sleeve. I look forward to seeing what you come up with - Thanks!
  5. I feel like Winn grips get left out of the discussion a lot. I really like their Dri-Tac midsize - something about the softness of them just feels right to me, can't explain it but my ball striking has definitely improved. Use them on all my irons and driver.
  6. Got an update on my used Mizuno irons purchase: Went to a local fitter in Kansas City called "Golf MD". They extended my shafts 2" and installed some midsize grips, because I'm 6'5" and have quite large hands. They also have a loft/lie adjustment service that I took advantage of. Went 2 degrees above normal and was absolutely ripping my 6 iron 200+. Haven't took them on the course yet but I'm pretty dang happy. It is a risk buying used clubs, but if you can find a set in good shape/right price you can really get a bargain.
  7. I’m getting a used set of mizuno combo mp5/mp25 irons and will be extending them an inch + regrip. I’ll let you know how it goes!
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