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  1. I'm been playing Callaway Apex 19 irons for a little over a year now, and I love the feel of them. When my game is on, I get the exact height, distance, control and feel that I am looking for in irons. However, when my game is off, I really feel the forgiveness and consistency start to fall off for me. Obviously, the club is not %100 the culprit and I have aspects of my game I need to work on (such as I am super quick with upper body on downswing and hit some nasty pull hooks) but I've been toying with the idea of switching to something with a touch more forgiveness. I don't have a handicap, but typically shoot in the mid-to-low 80's, but have the occasional bad day and hit upper 80's. Sets that I am looking at: Mizuno JPX 921 HM/HMP, Titleist T200/300. I know the Apex DCB would also be a good option, but out of my budget at the moment. The big thing for me is, it seems like if I want a more forgiving iron, we start to get into the big/chunky clubheads which I am not a huge fan of. I don't mind a little bit of bulk but nothing that overwhelms the ball. Also worth mentioning, is I don't have great access to really get fitted or test a bunch of clubs out, so I've been most relying on images/videos,etc Thanks for any help!
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