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  1. I recently used Ping’s online ballfitting tool (Ballnamic) to see if it recommend I play something different. Been playing ProV1 for a while. It ranked ProV1 4th on my list, and when I selected ‘best ball for the money’ it came up Maxfli Tour X. They retail for $35 but you can find them cheaper. The 4 rounds I’ve played them have all been under my index. Great length off the tee and can stop them on greens. Bottom line, try Ping’s ball fitting tool. These ended up being right for me. I never would have bought these balls and not only did I get them for half the cost of ProV1’s but I’m shooting better scores.
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    @Larryd3- It's been while, curious if you ended up trying any of the recommendations and how it's gone?
  3. Jeff, Scottsdale, AZ iPhone XR and iPad Testing equally outdoors and indoor Using net indoors (at Golftec during practice sessions), no net outdoors on range.
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