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  1. Been playing for 27 years.....damn I’m getting old(38). I am a +1, I played a little in college but took it more seriously in my late 20s. Still love to play when I can get out....have 2 kids under 6. Love everything about golf!!! Love the personal growth related to all the challenges and perseverance to get to the next level of the game. Love being in nature with good friends and even by myself. LOVE classic architecture and traveling around the world to play great courses. It such a great global game that builds character!! I have read reviews here forever and I don’t know why
  2. Mike, Narragansett RI Ipad 14.2 indoor I’ve been looking into a LM and would love to test it out. Handicap is +0.1, I already have a net return and plenty of space to try it out!!
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