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  1. I've been going to Windmill Center for fitting and driving range. You can't beat the heated stalls and they are very patient with the fittings which have included multiple clubs, shafts and Trackman data. Can't wait to hit their short holes side to work on the wedges and putters this Spring.
  2. I could not find this offer in Ohio, however, I did snag a deal on GroupGolfer (Ohio) for 18 holes and cart for $18 at a muni course in Solon, OH. Thanks for the lead.
  3. Hello fellow golfers This is the first forum I have joined and only because it's golf related. I am returning to regular play of this great game after spending years raising a family. It's my hope to practice more, take lessons and join a league to establish a real handicap, play new courses and meet new friends along the way. As you all well know, playing in NEOhio can limit your practice and play during the Winter months so I will be working on getting fitted for clubs and take lessons. I'm looking forward to hearing from others about golf courses played and recommendations on impro
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