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  1. What App do you use? Or do you use one? I have had a few apps that I tried but always go back to Golfshot, it seems to have the most reliable GPS data for a majority of courses I play.
  2. Didn't know the specific rule, thank you. I know you cannot drop a ball into a Hazard and if he were to drop in play, that would be a stroke penalty. Luckily we were just playing for bragging rights, but it was still an odd situation that I hadn't ever come across before.
  3. I’ll start with the “I believe I already know the answer, but want to see if you agree” statement. At my local Muni, there is a Par 5 where the tee shot is hit into a narrowing alleyway between a white stake OB on the left and Red stake Forrest on the right. The gravel cart path runs through the right red staked area just next the the fairway but is hidden/ blocked by a tree line and bushes. My buddy hits his tee shot and sprays it right just through the trees and into the Red stake hazard. He walks up to look for his ball and finds his ball in the middle of the cart path. tl;dr Do you get relief from a cart path if the cart path (and ball) is within a red staked area? Here’s the question to you all, in this instance, does he get free relief from the cart path?
  4. Just lurking, but yea, I believe you can add the subscription packages. SkyTrak is compatible for both windows and iOS, depending on the subscription you purchase.
  5. I would say “this is my set” or “these are my clubs” both correct. Come for cool golf clubs, leave with intellectual English conversation.
  6. I have not tried it, just looking at pictures I would think yes. They look quite similar in size and shape. I would be interested to see a comparison with numbers to see if there is much of a different. If not, perhaps the GAPR may be cheaper for a similar result given that it is a couple years old now?
  7. I searched and didn't see any reviews on the GAPR. I have been playing it over the last year and decided I would add some input. Specs: GAPR Mid 3, HZRDUS 85g (Blue I think? It doesn't say on it) Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Standard Grip Like I said above, I put this in the bag last Winter and have been playing it since. I replaced a Nike Covert 2.0 Hybrid. I chose the GAPR because I wanted a Driving Iron but was interested in something that had a little more forgiveness. I bought it used from Global Golf, but it had the "Mint" condition rating. It had the oversized grip, so I did have to make a customization to it. Aesthetics: I don't know what it is, but something about Taylormade products have always caught my eye. It could be that it is what my dad used to play when I was little - and me when I would borrow his clubs instead of using my cheap Goodwill sticks or, it could be the swag DJ shows with every shot that I would dearly like to emulate - but, I have always held closely an intrinsic loyalty to Taylormade and anything they make. The GAPR is no exception. I love the black base and the teal highlights with the modern, millennial name - "GAPR". Standing over the ball at address, the dark club is quiet to the eye and allows the ball to pop, which for me, helps to focus on my connection point. Playability: The GAPR is a club I will use when I have a shot anywhere from 210 to 230 depending on conditions. For me, it is a nice fit between my 4i and 3wood. Its long and quite forgiving, which is ideal for a Tee shot when you have a narrow fairway or on a second shot of your Par 5. I haven't found a condition where I would be hesitant to take pull the GAPR. (Other than the FW Bunker which I have not tried and probably won't.) I live/ play in the PNW and for most months of the year, the conditions can be quite soft and many times, wet. The larger club head - resembling a hybrid - is very helpful in this situation. It allows you to dig in on a ball low in the rough with the same feel and forgiveness as if you were lying mid-fairway. The size helps to alleviate any chunk shot an iron may have since a miss-hit will still travel further than a duffed iron. With my old Hybrid, I struggled with the ability to be able to work the ball in any direction. It was usually a unwanted slice. Since the GAPR is more like an Iron, I find it much easier to swing like an iron. Maybe that is part mental, but I do find the shot to be more consistent and resembling my long iron shot-shape. It is easy to go from a 5/4i to the GAPR or a GAPR from the tee to a 7i on the second shot. It allows me to work the ball more and provides that extra few yards over my 4i where a 3wood would put me out of play or the 4i would come up short. If you are struggling with confidence with your long irons off the fairway, this club will do well to remove your anxiety. I love this club and would recommend it to anyone at any level. I, myself, have the mid, but they do have 3 versions for all playing levels. If you struggle with a long iron chunk or perhaps want something to work off the Tee for a safe Fairway shot, this is certainly the club for you.
  8. Hey all, new member here just introducing myself. I’m from south of Seattle about 45 minutes. Currently a 14.6 Handicap, although just started my first lessons and hoping do get that down to single digits by end of next year. I have a friend who has worked at Washington National GC and have probably played that more than any others in the last few years, so I’d consider that my home course. I enjoy reading through many golf forums, especially when I am looking for reviews or input but I have never been active in any. I figured if I’m going to use them as a resource, I should help others and provide my own input. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have the Shaun Webb mirror from Amazon that was like $13. I like it so far. Right away it showed how far away from the ball I stand. It doesn’t show shoulders unless I lean in, but then again I aloft my feet to the mirror and generally the shoulders will be square. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hey All, I'm new here and created an account with Google. I downloaded the app and it won’t let me login with my google info. I’ve also tried the username and google password. any suggestions or is there something I need to do? Thanks!
  11. I’m in for testing! Kevin, Buckley, WA i have an iPhone XR and an iPad Pro Can test both indoor with a net and outdoor with net or at the range.
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