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    Short Game
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  1. Good Morning: Went thru a Putter Fitting at Pete's Golf Shop on Long Island and what a difference, Brought my Putter at 33 inches and a Mid Slant neck. What we first found out I was aiming 3 inches to the right even though making center contact. From there we went onto Sam Putt Lab to see what my stroke was doing which showed I had a Strong Arc because of TOO much Toe Hang. Overall a Blade style Putter with a Plummers Neck at 34 and standard Lie Angle was the best for me. Most important club in the Bag get it done and Save some strokes
  2. Hi Handy: The person who sent you the James Siekman video did you good, I use some of it to. Look up Stan Utley to he has great info he as well learned from Seve B.. His style help me to and yes practice more on short game. I spend 2 hrs on mine when i have a chance. Kman PGA New Jersey
  3. This would awesome as I work a Golf Galaxy in New Jesey and I see Mike Malaska is a big fan
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