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  1. I was lucky enough to be asked to help at an event at Orchard Ridge Country Club in Fort Wayne to benefit Hope for the Warriors https://www.hopeforthewarriors.org/ I "worked" at the tee of a long par 5 where, for a donation, you could use an AR-15 to launch a golf ball and use it as your tee shot. It was something similar to this: https://davidsondefense.com/heavy-duty-steel-ar15-golf-ball-launcher I met a lot of unbelievable men and women, active and retired military personnel. I heard some stories that almost made me weep, and upon meeting the subjects of the stories, was without exception thanked for my time. Talk about being humbled. A few minor/local celebrities were involved; Johnny Bench donated a signed bat that went for $1700 and I had the distinct pleasure of explaining how to use an AR-15 to launch a golf ball to ex-Bear James "Robocop" Thornton. After politely listening to my spiel, he told me he'd done it a hundred times, and told me to take his shot. True to form, my ball sliced out of bounds. I had a great day.
  2. Sorry for resurrecting a necropost, but did you have any luck finding a club fitter in the Fort Wayne area that does a thorough shaft fitting? Indy is the closest that I have found, and the guy isn't returning voice nor e-mails. Thanks!
  3. Nice to see Smith slide down the leaderboard. Maybe he can clean up as a liver. But I'll never know.
  4. Thanks, Rev. I went to Chestnut Hills, which has a nice short game area. Since I only hit wedges, I left my bag in the car, and so had to use their Pinochles. BTW, I have room in my small suburban back yard to work on 15 and 20 yard carries, but obviously not run out. I'll have to get back there and see what difference there is when using my Snells.
  5. Thanks, I'll do that. I didn't have my bag with me yesterday, so I am just questioning whether I should trust my results.
  6. I went to the range today, armed with my wedges and ESB1 to reassess carry distances. More importantly, I spent the bulk of my time in the short game area to work on 15-40 yard pitches. I want to dial in carry and roll as best as I can, so I hit pitches of various distances, aiming to carry just to the front of a green that is ~10 yards deep; roll-outs were 8-12 yards, depending on the club/distance. Anyway, I was using Pinochle range balls, so I am wondering if I can trust those numbers to be the same with my gamers (Snell MTB-X). I know MGS has included range balls in their testing, but I am just wondering if there would be a significant difference at such slow speeds. Tanks as always.
  7. Thanks for all of the information, guys. You're smarter than the interwebz!
  8. That's definitely what we do with the greens. We rotate mowing directions daily through the clockface: 2-8, then 4-10, then 3-9 and 6-12.
  9. Love all the pictures of the pups! Joining in late, but here is a picture of Maddie, laying on the floor like a good girl, and her son, Buddy Guy, having taken over the couch. Adopted them from a rescue--Maddie was abused and was working hard getting past fear aggression when we lost her in her sleep 2 years ago. I have a Cuddleduds headcover for my driver in her likeness. Bubs is a 85 pound lap dog.
  10. I've started a major controversy at the golf course where I work. I've just been promoted to cutting fairways--I only have the 5 Par 3's for now, but will soon be sharing all 18 with two other guys. I've only been here for 3 years, but I've always asked why we don't stripe our fairways--we just "circle" them with two mowers in tandem, resulting in the half and half pattern in the background of the image on the right. I strongly prefer the striped look, and especially the contour striping in the left picture. The tradeoff is that striping takes more time, but on the other hand, we always finish early and end up hacking off dead tree limbs with chainsaws, loading them into Gators, and dumping them--actual labor! I'd rather sit on the comfy John Deer and create art. What say you, fellow golfers and art aficionados? (Meanwhile, I'm striping!)
  11. Does anyone know/can anyone point me to a reliable source where I can find out where golf balls are made? I'm specifically looking to purchase balls made in the United States. Doing a DuckDuckGo search led me to this site: https://sportblurb.com/golf-balls-made-in-usa/ , which indicates that Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone and Taylormade manufacture at least some of their balls in the US. I'm not sure that I trust the information, because a couple of other sites that came up in the search results have the identical results and format, word for word. I appreciate any info.
  12. Ryan, I do appreciate the positive vibes, but I'm 65, and whatever skills I might have had are surely deteriorating. On the plus side, I can play more often, and equipment and instruction are light years ahead of what they were 35 years ago. If I met my 30 year-old self, I'd have to give him a coupla strokes and still kick his butt!
  13. To the pens of Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord and Paice, add that of GolfSpy_APH: Swiss time was running out, It seemed that we would lose the race
  14. I thought that I was the only one! I was fitted last year for a Titleist T2 4 hybrid, which I was able to consistently hit pretty little draws that carry 180 yards; heck, with my eyes closed. Suddenly, without warning and seemingly impervious to repair, I am hitting little thin worm burners with it. Strange things afoot at the Circle K for sure.
  15. Yikes! OK, but I guess that I'll cut it down from War and Peace to just A Tale of Two Cities.
  16. Crud, I just submitted (or thought I did) a long private message to the mods, expressing my interest in and my qualifications for the Forums Mod position. I hit "Send" (twice), but didn't receive acknowledgement that the message was sent. Was it?
  17. I really would like to apply for this position, but I have a question first. What are you looking for in terms of a social media presence? Specific platforms, etc. Thanks.
  18. Sorry, didn't get the DM. $50 and the link is yours!
  19. An old PC tools package vendor admitted that they inserted a line in the EULA that offered $50 cash to whomever read far enough down in the licensing agreement. Like yours, nobody ever claimed it, and only hard-core PC geeks would have bought it. They said that they wanted to insert a line to the effect that the end user agrees to surrender their 1st born child, but their lawyers talked them out of it. Not going to admit that I clicked to agree with the EULA.
  20. I really hope that announcements are not limited to Twitter, Instagram, or any other social medium. I am enough of a luddite to not have a presence on any of them, save for this and two other forums.
  21. I'm 65, and average around 240 off the tee.
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