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  1. Hello! I've only been playing golf for a little while but I'm loving it! Gutted I didn't discover it earlier in life. I try to play at least once a week, but I love going on golf retreat holidays with my husband! I'm also definitely a bit obsessed with golf apparel now - being in the UK we have a lot of different weather challenges so I enjoy being able to use different golf clothes when we actually get to go somewhere sunny! My current favourite retailer is Island Green Golf because they actually have a good range of LADIES GOLF WEAR (!!!!!!) which let me tell you, is hard to find!
  2. My husband had a similar situation a few years ago - he found that taking a short break and trying a new hobby helped. He also found that what had happened was he didn't enjoy golfing on his own any more - he wanted someone to talk to. So he joined a new golf club and found regular golfing partners and that really helped. I'm still very new to the golf world so haven't experienced it myself - but hope this helped a little!
  3. I have to ask, is there a quick fix/cheat sheet to the clubs? Given that there's so many, and as a new learner, it can be difficult to get to grips with all of the different uses and choices. Are there any quick tips that I can use whilst I learn the details?
  4. There definitely is a balance between buying nice, high quality apparel and not wanting it to get ruined during the game! Plus I always need a range for the different weathers too - can't exactly play golf properly inside, aha!
  5. I love a good sleeveless polo shirt -weather permitting of course! I've recently started buying my golf apparel from Island Green Golf - I love their women's range! My favourite is their navy one with the white details and white collar! Anyone else know/use this brand? Any men use it as I'm looking at getting some of the men's stuff for my husband for christmas!
  6. Hello! Just joining this forum to find like-minded people and hopefully learn a lot! I recently got into golf with my husband, so am looking to learn more about the game and the equipment etc!
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