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  1. Like edingc, played my first round of the season, and my first using the LAB DF. Wow. I’ve been following this thread closely, and practicing at home using all the tips here (thumbs off to the side, playing it slightly forward in my stance). I’ve used an Odyssey 2-ball for a decade, and it’s been fine. But having never used this outside, my distance control was so much better immediately, and I was making 10 footers all day (not that I had many given how close my initial putt was going. Looking forward to the season. Only issue frankly is the putter cover is so huge that it’s taking up too much room in my bag when I walk. Is it crazy to keep the putter cover off when I’m carrying the bag walking?
  2. That’s great to hear Hollis. How did you end up with your thumbs? And ball position wise? I’ve been trying slightly forward like a fairway wood and thumbs to the side, but not yet on the course.
  3. Why are people saying the g425 is draw biased? I saw the data above, but are others who have tried it seeing the same thing? I hit a draw, but I’m not noticing that draw coming out even more with the g425 (although I did also move it to a flat setting).
  4. Ended up getting a g425 5 wood. They felt great, and I’m hitting them 215-225, which slots in behind my driver at 250-260. I’m no longer terrified on fairway woods (although this is all simulator, not outside yet). I still have the 4 hybrid which slots in at 205. Contemplating the g425 here too from the epic flash. I’m hitting the flash ok lately but the g425 on a demo was so much more consistent. two questions. Is the 4 hybrid similar to a 3 iron in distance. And any thoughts on the 4 hybrid vs a 7 wood?
  5. This is really helpful. I recently changed irons from the callaway big berthas to the Srixon z585s. Love them, but the higher/regular lofted Srixons have caused me to rethink gapping at the top. previously I hit my 5 iron 190, then 4 hybrid 200-205 and 3 hybrid 210-215. And was terrified at the hybrids. I have a 3 wood that goes 225-235. I rarely hit my 3 wood off the deck...it’s primarily a club I hit off the tee for drives that I need to hit shorter than 250 yards (some courses here have hazards at 250). now, my 4 iron only goes 190. So I need to drop a hybrid given I carry 4 wedges. There my pw goes 125-130, gap 110-115, sand 100 and lob 80. I really love my gapping below, but not sure what to do. do I drop my 3 hybrid? Or maybe drop my 3 wood for a 5 wood (although I have no idea how far that would go). But maybe the 5 wood would be easier to hit off the deck?
  6. I’ve been testing the new g425 and loving it. I’ve got a big inside out path, around 8 degrees. My shot shape is a draw with a block right and hook being my misses. I’d love to straighten this out of course. Im interested in the flat setting for the pings. I do start the ball right of the target line anyway, so will the flat setting do anything to help my inside out path draw turn into a fade? Thx!
  7. I’m a huge fan of the 945 as a versatile sports watch. It’s great for running, biking, skiing. For golf, it’s great for showing distances to the pin, front middle and back. It can also show distances to fairway hazards, but just numbers not images. It does keep track of your score mid round as well. It can track shots, and does it automatically after the round, but not what club you used, and not putts. You’d see what is below. I find it helpful to track your driver, but not much else. as a note, the watch does detect when you take a shot, so you don’t have to do anything other than wear the watch to show the stats I show below. I find it has an 85% accuracy rate. It also calculates a handicap, im considering a golf specific device to track data per club. Leaning towards the Arccos as I find the gps function on the 945 to be fine. But don’t love that system.
  8. I’ve always had an in to out swing, with an inside path of 8-10 degrees. I’ve been able to compensate generally, but of course my misses are hooks and blocks. someone just pointed out I stand far from the ball, and it’s true. Not only am I stretching at times, I also address the ball with the toe of the club. I did find that standing much closer seemed to help the inside to out path significantly, and I did hit some nice clean shots. Although I am also terrified of shanking it. does that make sense? Can standing too far away lead to an inside out path? And will approaching the ball straighter lead to better contact and higher ball speeds?
  9. thanks so much for the chart! What’s interesting is that using prgr, I am maxing my green stick at 112, which is up a lot since I started at 87 three weeks back. But my swing speed as measured on an Optishot simulator isn’t close to this. I’ve gone from mid 90s on the Optishot to 102-106 on the sim, which feel right based on how my sticks have progressed. But they don’t line up above. I wonder if I’m not positioning the prgr correctly. I’m also doing the drills inside, and I wonder if it’s somehow psychologically affecting my swing
  10. How many people have had to change their shafts or drivers after seeing higher swing speeds? And why? Less control? Higher spin? Just curious. I’m seeing much higher spin numbers already, and just wondering if I have to make a change.
  11. Does Superspeed publish an estimate of how each stick translates into swing speed? Ie, if you swing 110 on green that typically equates to ___ on driver swing speed? Or does say the blue stick generally indicate where you might swing? Just trying to gauge how to best measure swing speed based on how I am swinging the various sticks. I’m on day 3 and have gotten to 110 on the last green swings, up from 100 on the last green swing the very first day. Thanks!
  12. Just starting this, very excited. I was planing to do this inside carpeted room in socks. Has anyone trained like that? I’m assuming I’d swing faster outside in sneakers but tough with the snow.
  13. At the risk of maybe missing this earlier, is it a terrible idea to use the sticks without a launch monitor? I’m definitely planning to do a before and after on driver swing speeds, but was thinking of doing the training without monitoring the changes each day.
  14. Curious if you compared these to the Srixon z585s or 785s? Curious about any feel differences.
  15. I purchased a DF putter indirectly through a friend, so I don’t know the lie angle and the putter is probably a little long for me. Although I was putting it pretty well. Hopefully that’s not a gigantic mistake. Is there a way to shorten the putter at all, ideally without taking off the grip and taking off part of the shaft? And how do I check the lie angle of the putter, vs. what I might get from sending LAB a video of my swing? Thanks!
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