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  1. I’m sorry I have been not been looking at this for a long time. I have had these clubs for 8 months playing multiple times a week. I have put something like 70 rounds on these clubs, plus lots of range time. They are still performing great! The “L” (60 degree) wedge is my favorite wedge I pretty much use it for everything 100 yards in. I highly recommend them, you can not get a wedge set for $99. And you can not get a full 4-sw set for $399. The whole point of these is to create value for the price and I definitely would say they were worth it. I have had a really positive experience with Patriot Golf, I have bought 3 sets of irons. I have the weighted and unweighted ones. I like the weighted ones better. I bought a set of the weighted ones for my friend and he really likes them too. To again address someone saying they could find the same clubs on a random website for like $20. Heater is a brand that makes clubs for multiple places. It might look the same at a glance but they are not the same.
  2. Got the wedges package for $99. I really like the clubs that have weighs on them. I bought a used pair of the entire iron set like this too from patriot. I gotta say these grips look and feel great. They finally got their own branding on the grips.
  3. You can also see the woods in real life are slotted, the one on the ad is not. The pro said that slot makes a big difference.
  4. I don’t have the new driver and 3w cause I sent them back to get reshafted. But I bought a used set for my friend. This is the 5w that came with the used set, so this must be the old one. It hits great tho! And the iron set he got hits so amazing! It’s different than mine and I will be asking for that set. I also had the pro hit my friends iron set and he said he was extremely impressed. The wood pictured is the old wood. And the irons pictured are the new irons I got not the used ones my friend got.
  5. This is absolutely not what I got. If you go to Patriotgolf.com what is pictured is what I got. I'll have to remember to take pics. The clubs I got are a completely different design then this, they look a lot like a Titleist. I have searched pretty extensively to see if I can find the clubs I actually have anywhere else and I can not. Maybe I'm bad at searching but it's always a slightly different design then the actual ones. The more I play with my clubs the more I like them.
  6. I would like to share my experience. It has been mostly positive. I also seem to be the only one so far that has actually tested them on a machine. I got the ad from hole 19 in my email. I thought free driver, and from a trusted source. Let’s try it. I called talked to a sales rep. He gave me an extremely scripted speech. Ha ha. I was still very skeptical. But he really knew about golf after I started talking to him some. I ordered an iron set with him that was 4i-pw, plus sw. I also got utility iron (which ended up being a 3w) and the driver. They were having a Xmas discount of $100 so I paid $399. I did end up having some problems with billing info, email info and they typed in my phone number 1 digit wrong, so when they were calling me they we’re calling a wrong number. I spoke to them multiple times to get these issues resolved. their customer service was great, every person I talked to was friendly and seemed genuine in wanting to help me. I also got the voicemail thing a couple times but I just called the next day or later. I finally got my clubs. I ordered stiff shafts and my driver and 3w were both regular shafts. But they were Accuflex v2. My irons are stiff shafts. I took these and I went to pro golf discount and tested them on a GCQuad against the same caliber clubs from, Calloway, cobra, Taylormade, Ect. They performed the exact same as the Taylormade M6’s. Hitting further than the other clubs. I was very impressed with the real data. These were much better clubs than what I currently had. the irons are good looking and say BMT Heater on them. I looked them up and it looks like there is multiple SoCal companies that sell these as an iron set for $200. I actually like the clubs but felt I overpaid. So I called to return them as I could buy the real Taylormade set brand new for $200 more. Though it comes with less clubs. I also had a few people friends test them out and all said they felt good. I also had a pro that I am friends with test them and he approved of them as well. Not a single person had anything bad to say about them or felt that they were inadequate. I called them to return and talked to John Brady (he is a bit of a fast talker) but I told him I was seeing them for half the price I paid. He then explained to me that those guys are using Apollo shafts and even though the BMT name is the same they are different clubs. He said they use all accuflex shafts and they have bought the patents from the major manufacturers to use in their designs. He said it’s truly a test program and they are launching their own line come this summer. They are using BMT just to manufacture their own design. He might have been feeding me crap, but again they performed the exact same as the Taylormade. I talked to him about the patents and he said it, without actually saying it, that they bought the patent from Taylor made. But they do not have Taylormade patent for the driver and woods (I think they are Titleist). He said he didn’t want to create a complete copy line of Taylor made. He also said they are progression clubs designed for people with mid to higher handicaps. I was already excited about the clubs they were better than what I had and on the GCQuad they were performing awesome. In the hopes to reduce the price I paid for them John gave me another offer. He said, send my driver and 3w back to get reshafted and they are going to give me the Accuflex Vision shaft. Then they will also send me a 5w. They are also running an offer for a wedge set, so he said he would throw in the wedge set as well for free. I desperately needed a 3w and wedge set. I was excited. For $399 I got a Driver, 3w, 5w, 4i-Pw, Gw, 2 Sw, and Lw. That’s a hell of a deal! Especially for irons that are performing as well as name brand. I talked to him some more and he said he would build a driver for my dad with a senior shaft for cost. Which is $80. That’s still a great deal for a very decent driver. All and all my experience has been great and I am very happy with the clubs. I'll test them hard in the next year and see how durable they are. They also come with free repairs and adjustments for a year. wanted to give my experience as I am the only one to test with a simulator.
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