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  1. Hello everyone, I am looking to fill a gap in the upper end of my bag and looking for optimal numbers for a 2 iron (17-18 degree). They have been hard to come by in terms of demos but attached is my ballpark numbers with the sim udi. Launch to low? Spin to high? projector was a little off, sorry about the tough numbers to read.
  2. Good feedback, I didn’t consider that. three hours banging balls is a long time. Thanks.
  3. I heard good things/ read good reviews about them as well as cool clubs but I could see why they would try to push certain products. the 3.5 hours at club champion seemed more appealing than the 1.5 hours for a full bag at cool clubs but again that’s why I’m asking here! Appreciate the feedback!
  4. I haven’t checked them out but I will give them a call.
  5. Sacramento area, but I’m not afraid of a drive if there’s a particular place that people regard highly.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am looking for recommendations on places to do a club fitting in California. I have never gone through a fitting before and see there is quite a range, all with varying in prices and time they will spend with you. I’d like to make the most of it and avoid picking a gimmicky setup if possible. Cheers!
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