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  1. Hi Folks, Last summer I bought approx. 150 new callaway Chromesoft balls(2019 version). In a very good golf shop in my country and a very good deal, just €1,50 per ball. I am quite new and afterwards I saw on this forum and read all the topics about these 2019 chromesoft version and the whole off centre story. Although I am really happpy with these balls, great ball of the tee and enough feel and spin for the short game. But now I am wondering how should an off-centre ball effecting my game and how could I see/feel it? really curious for your opinion and should I continue to pl
  2. I need to adjust my irons this year, perhaps my wedges as well. Altough the shops and club fitters are closed right now due to Covid-19 lockdown. My current Bag Driver Callaway Epic Flash Subzero stiff shaft. fitted July 2020. 3 Wood TM M4 Stiff Shaft, reshafted in July 2020. Hybrid 3 Callway Mavrik stiff shaft. TM GAPR iron 2( but do not put it often in the bag. does not feel really right at the moment. Irons TM p790 4/pw regular shafts Vokey 7 Wedges 52, 56, 60 degrees Putter Scottey Cameron blade Ball Callaway Chrome Soft First I need to reshaft my irons. Swi
  3. Greetings from the Netherlands, I am not fully new to MGS but new to this forum. I am 35 years old and living in the Netherlands. In 2017 I picked up the golf clubs, initially to play golf with my dad. But I got really addicted to the game. I have played many sports in my life. Football(socces), Tennis and since I went to Uni I play Rugby, and still do. I really like team sports but golf gives me definitely something else. It is so technically and you are never finished to improve your game. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I am p
  4. Thank you for your reply. My current Driver, hybrid and my reshafted 3wood are fitted by a specialist. Really happy with it, less dispersions and more controle. In the netherlands we have some golf shops, but the fitting is not that brilliant. Than you have to go to a niche specialist. Most of the time a bit more expensive, but much more expertise. I think I will try some clubs for free at the golf shop with a trackman, just for the feeling and will go the special fitter to get my shafts done or buying new clubs ;-).
  5. Dear all, This will be my first post on this forum. I am quite new in the game, but I love it! I am playing golf for 3,5 years and it goes pretty well I think . Although the familiar frustrations and struggles, I really enjoy the game. First I had a starters set of Wilson, but bought the TM p790 irons in July 2019. My irons were fitted and has regular shaft dynamic gold 105. Due to the fact my game improved quite well and my swing speed increased a lot I think I need to reshaft my irons to stiff Shafts. I already replaced/reshaft my hybrid, 3 woods and driver. hereby my stats;
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