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  1. This is the basic layout I'm going for
  2. Will do. Most important part is a dedicated slot for the golf bag to fit in Going for a medium panel van. long wheel base. short roof. In the UK, if there is anywhere worth going there is usually a 2m parking barrier to keep out large vehicles. So ill get a shorter van but put a pop up roof on it so i can still stand once parked.
  3. Now that I am recently single (my choice so not looking for any sympathy), I've decided to do my long time dream of converting a van in to a camper. Once complete I intend on take a month or 2 out each year to travel around and play as many courses as possible! Not got the van yet, I have shortlisted a few, but am waiting for the perfect base vehicle in my budget and it will take me a few months to get kitted out, but once its done I'm hoping to get around as many courses in the UK as possible. My 9 club carry set is all prepared and ready to go... Can't wait! Wish me luck!
  4. only issue with that again will be the import costs. not sure if i can find somewhere similar in the UK. Once the shops are back open in a few weeks I'm going to look to see how upright they (who ever i can find who does putter adjustments) can get my odyssey big 7 armlock before looking at more expensive options. Im hoping i can get it to work for me.
  5. I'm a strong supporter of ascending weight shafts. since I play 90g in my hybrids and 120 in my wedges, and the AMT blacks just work perfectly between them giving me the tempo and control i need in the shorter clubs and the slight added speed and launch in the longer ones. Having only played 3-4 years (with last year being a complete write off) and having almost always used this style of shaft (was using AWT 2.0s previously), I'm used to the more MOI matched feel rather than consistent swing weight through the set. I never had a proper fitting in my first year or so, but through trying a whole bunch of cheap second hand 7 irons (which I then resold) i realized that 105 give or take was the sweet spot for me weight wise and have built around that ever since. I also used the Mizuno DNA analyzer tool about a year later which ended up recommending lighter shafts for me but I think that may have been more because of my slower swing speed as it doesn't take into account ball striking and flight. They do feel faster but i don't feel comfortable.
  6. I've been trying to make my Odyssey Arm Lock Putter work for me, playing the club flat to the ground and adjusting my posture to it and have found it awkward. This week though I decided to ignore the lie angle and have spend an hour everyday trying different postures, hands up and down the grip etc to figure out what feels most comfortable for me and gives me the most consistent swing. The results... I need to be in a much more upright position in order to hold the club comfortably and still have my eyes over the ball. The problem... All the arm lock putters I can find other than SIK are in the 69-75* lie angle range and i think i need about 79* so will now be going the SIK route. I don't think my stroke lab will cope with being bent 7* upright even though I love the shape and the feel (unless someone can tell me otherwise). Questions... Are these flatter lie angles the reason why a lot of people try arm locks and ending up not getting on with it? To me at least, it feels like the forearm anchor promotes a much more upright stance which almost all arm lock putters aren't designed for. It feels like most OEMs add loft to their standard heads to account for the forward lean, but then just stick a longer shaft in and additional weight in the head to compensate. Are there other arm lock makers out there who produce upright options closer to what I am looking for (78-80*)?
  7. Still cant decide on an arm lock putter. Id love a 2 ball ten single line but dont want to faff about getting it reshafted and bent as well as getting new weights for it (if i can get it heavy enough), potentially lead tape as well... I have a 40" double wide stroke lab and have the 7 coming later this week to put up against each other. Also considering either the PXG gen 2 bat attack or operator built to arm lock specs. decisions decisions... Id love to do a fitting, i know what lie angle and length i like, but things like best offset and toe hang id like to get dialed in. most fitters around me dont have arm lock variety to trial though
  8. If by that you mean find my forever putter, then i am all ears. I have moved into arm lock, so options are limited plus im in the uk so which limits my options even further in terms of trying clubs in store and getting fit
  9. [Edit: Whoops i mistook this as a reply to me. haha] To a degree... I always buy used and am pretty good at setting spending limits and setting up searches under those perameters. I then do A vs B testing and then the loser goes back in to the wild. I find I usually end up making a small profit as well using this method and each time dial in my perfect specs closer and closer. Shaft weights, lie angles, sole grinds etc. it all gets locked away in my head as i approach my golfing perfection. As I get closer to what I think works best for me then the performance gains get more about feel and looks than actual gain in numbers. My swing on the other hand, doesnt see much of these benefits at the moment, 2 years ago I was flat out with work and hardly got to play or practice and this last year has been mostly in lock down in the uk. I'm hoping to get out there a lot this summer and put a big dent in my handicap with the practice i have been doing at home.
  10. lack of space means i always have to be pretty ruthless about what i keep and what i move on. I'm hoping to find that one true love putter this year though which is my main focus at the moment. Everything else in my main gamer bag is fair game though. I think the closest thing i have to a forever club is my 26* steel shafted adams a12 pro hybrid. will always be in or around my bag to the point where i have to build the rest of my set around it to ensure i still get the right gapping. Only comes out of the bag in high winds where i put a 6 iron in its place.
  11. I kind of fit myself using the top tracer driving ranges. They have a mode that adjusts the readings to compensate for the fact your using range ball, but its great for tweaking loft and lie settings on a driver and trying different shafts. You dont get super accurate numbers but its good enough for like for like comparisons back at home with all the data once you are done. Can see dispersion. Numbers for each shot. Averages for each set up. I put in the details to the app before i head to the range. Ie. GBB - 9* - EvenFlow. GBB - 10* - Evenflow. GBB - 9* Draw - Evenflow. Then ill go. take the shots and look at differences in carry, dispersion. etc etc. As someone who likes to try different shafts alot. I love to do the A vs B testing with numbers I can look back on.
  12. Is their a way to order the head only? I said in an earlier post that id like to turn the 2 ball ten single line in to an arm lock and if i can save money on not having the shaft then great! I dont think that seems to be an option though...
  13. I had an issue about 2 years ago when really trying to stripe the ball in practice but not had any issues since. With Uk restrictions for about 9 out of the last 12 months I've hardly swung at all, so guessing my golfing muscles have atrophied and need building up a little to with stand the forces of a full swing.
  14. I guess I could re shaft one. Bend it 4 degrees weak, 4 degrees upright and try and find a weight kit so that it plays at a decent weight.
  15. If they make an arm lock version, im in!
  16. the PXG driver arrived a few weeks back and I've decided to replace the 56 CBX with a 56 glide 3.0 eye 2. Only 1 more month to wait before golf opens again in the UK. Can not wait!!!!!!!!!
  17. Depends on what your carry and total distances are for each. if they are going the same distance with a similar ball flight then there isnt much point in having both as your most likely just going to pull out which one you are more comfortable with each time. I carry a regular length 22 hybrid and a 21 degree one length hybrid. while they are the same loft the distances are a little different but the ball flight is very different. I use the one length version when im concerned with accuracy or if there is a strong wind as the ball flight is lower, carry distance shorter but with alot more roll out. I also like it for bump and runs around the green. the 22 is great for carry distance and stopping power due to the higher flight and steeper landing angle. Just figure out what works best for you and dont worry about the numbers on the clubs.
  18. No, in the UK carts are pretty much the exception rather than the rule. 95% of the time i will be pushing or carrying. If I know its going to be a cart day ill use a 14 way instead so there is less movement. The heads will still clatter, but the entire clubs wont be jumping about in the big openings. If you could load the bags at an angle that would be ideal.
  19. I have an older Woode bag. The quick summary on the system... Amazing for carrying and push carts, terrible for "riding dirty" as they bounce around all over the place and clatter each other.
  20. Global pandemic and subsequent lock downs has pushed up the prices a lot in the UK. A net i bought before the pandemic cost me £50, I look online now and they are selling for £160. Demand is up so prices have gone up. Most of these companies are relatively small so with their limited production runs and low economies of scale they can afford to push their prices up as their will always be someone willing to pay over the odds to ensure they get the thing they want. Its the same for the used club market as well. Since more people are playing the game, there is more demand and higher prices. Most used equipment in the UK sells for 25-50% more than they did pre covid.
  21. I'm guessing shipping the Super to the UK is out of the question...
  22. I've not practiced full swings at all during winter with lockdown and the cold weather stopping me going outside. But with some mild weather in England, I went out side and started to practice full swings in the garden. Very quickly I started to feel pain in left shoulder. Any tips on what I can do to get it used to swinging fast again or is it just a case of build back up slowly?
  23. even though I've not hit a ball in over 2 months, i cant stop tinkering with my bag. Latest contemplation... Do I replace my CBX 56 (bent to 57) with either a glide eye 2 56, or a CBX full face 56 either bent to 57 with 11 effective bounce. I'll use it for bunker shots and partial shots around the green my gap wedge will remain the 1st gen CBX 52 (bent to 51) as its great for full and partial shots and blends nicely with my z765 short irons with the v sole. I have an old BeCu eye 2 sand wedge i like to practice with and i hear that the glide 3.0 eye 2 i hard to beat for spin which is swaying me in that direction...
  24. Honestly... When I'm bored and fancy trying something different. But I always buy used so its new to me, not new new. I do A vs B testing and then send the loser back out into the wild. I am however a bit of a hoarder of shafts.
  25. 11 clubs was the number i settled on, but then a few extra clubs snuck back into my bag. haha! i have 6* loft gaps in my wedges, 5* in my irons and 4* in my hybrids / woods and the resultant 15 yard gapping is perfect for me. But, then i started experimenting with a second, shorter, higher lofted driver and a one length driving iron option since I had the space and wanted safety options from certain situations putting me back at 13 clubs at present... When I want to play extra light, I have a 9 clubs bag with 7* loft gaps in the wedges and irons and 6* in the woods with about 20 yard gapping...
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