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  1. To be honest, I don’t understand at all why you need to sort your shoes according to different sports. Many athletes train in the most comfortable shoes for them and do not try to comply with the norms. Likewise, in everyday life, each person should wear such shoes in which he is really comfortable. For example, I use tennis shoes to play golf because they are comfortable for long walks and go well with my tracksuit. I also wear tennis shoes for evening walks and use them in the gym because they are comfortable. Tennis shoes are versatile and great for everyday use and don't bother me at all t
  2. WOW, this is just amazing! Great idea and I'd love to try something like this. My friends and I often play golf on weekends and it would be cool to come up with something original in a similar style! Once we played golf at night and used bicycle lights for the consecration, which shone well in the dark. It was really fun looking for a golf ball and hitting the holes. We were very tired that day, but it was a lot of fun considering that we had been doing this for 5 hours. Perhaps next weekend I will offer my friends golfing with a one wheel.
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