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  1. Have been going back and forth through putters lately and performed well enough with this Ping I shouldn't have sold it but I did. What I liked: Loved the weight of the head (375g). I like a heavier putter, I feel like I make a smoother stroke with it. What could have been better: I wish the white alignment stripe was wider. It was ok as is, but part of the reason I switched to a 2 ball was the alignment. I also prefer the feel of an insert. Something I didn't really realize until I tried an insert. How well did it get the ball in the hole?? For me, actually pretty well, I wish I still had it! Even though I liked the insert feel in my Odyssey, I miss the weightier head, and I had more find the bottom of the cup with the Ping!
  2. Hey folks! 1. Been playing since I was 20. Baseball was done for me since I wasn't good enough to play college. Played with my dad a few times, hit a few dead center and I was hooked! 80s shooter on average. 2. I love the challenge to get better, learning how to hit different shots, the feeling when you hit it exactly the way you want! 3. Find MGS through researching equipment reviews. 4. St. Louis, MO area. Don't really have one single home course. I like The Falls in O'Fallon, Crescent Farms in Eureka. Pheasant Run is a great Par 3 if you want to get around quick. 5. Worst thing about my region I guess is winter (?). Best thing I guess may be variety of styles of courses around here? 6. I am an engineer in the telecom industry.
  3. I guess this is the point we will all agree on LOL. Really that's all I want to be able to use it for. Blessings to you both and have a wonderful season! @storm319@blackngold_blood
  4. His existing driver is a 1998 Callaway Big Bertha War Bird that her bought used off the rack, not fitted. MGS INCLUDES the CGs with the movable weights in various positions (ex. Epic Flash in Draw, Neutral, or Fade). As far as hot melt of course it doesn't include hot melt, it gives you a baseline to get an idea where you're starting from. As far as mfg. tolerances yeah it's not perfect. But neither are the Most Wanted Driver/Iron tests. They don't tell you whether one of the testers had a pronounced outside in swing or inside out, so you can see how the tester that is closest to you tested, they don't test every single iron on the market, etc. Does that make the data useless? No of course not, you take the very good data and do with it what you will. YOU might not care for the CG report but I think it's fantastic even if not 100% perfect.
  5. Ok I re-read it, it does measurement tolerances. And while it's true that there will also be manufacturing tolerances, to say the report is "useless" is, I think, extreme. Sure, like you said loft for example will change things, but having a baseline to start with is extremely useful. For example I'm shopping for a used driver for my dad (can't afford new), and without a shop having every driver from the last 5 years to go through and test, since I know his swing and his flight tendencies, having the CG and MOI reports from MGS gives me a good idea of what may be more likely to work for him and will is likely not. It at least gives me a way to kind of narrow the list down to what sooner good candidates might be.
  6. The tolerances are why the dots are larger, to account for the variability from head to head.
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