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  1. I have a Rossie OG white hot..... I also bought a Rossie with the micro hinge insert. I thought I liked the micro hinge better at first because it was a harder clicky sound similar to my Scotty Cameron. It puts a good roll on the ball so I definitely like it it just seems like I have more left and right edges burned. But as I started putting more the white hot seems to put more balls directly into the hole. It actually feels like I can aim the ball right at my target line with great confidence, it feels like the ball stays on the putter face for an extra few microseconds which allows me to roll it right where I want it. So I would have to say the white hot OG insert has rapidly become my favorite.
  2. Those irons are scoring clubs, there is no real requirement for them to go long, good players simply want consistent contact out of every fairway lie. I remember my Mizuno seven iron traveled exactly 152 -155 yards when struck perfectly. When I mishit it it went 148 yards. Basically if I had the seven iron in my hand I was putting a 15-20 footer for birdie, almost felt like a robot seven iron, never went long. hit and stop. That is what a good player wants from an iron. Predictability and greens in regulation. I have been playing with guys that go.... look I can hit my seven iron (31 degrees of loft) 180 yards ± 30....... Good for you. I do feel like the technology has not changed very much.... several clubs look identical to the 64, copy the best, even today. Cheers
  3. Hi all, players iron question. Some basic context, I was playing and practicing a lot in 2002 got my handicap down to about five or six with big Bertha Irons then into Max fli revolutions Irons, loved the softness of the revolutions, then decided I was so good I purchased Mizuno MP 30, had a breakthrough about narrow soles and turf interaction, really started striking the ball well, such sweet contact, however those blades were a battle with toe hits, had to over practice, I also stupidly put X 100 extra stiff shafts which I did regret but it forced me to improve hitting the center of the clubface, still a lot of toe shots that hurt, 10 to 20% of the time I would lose one half club length, nevertheless got the handicap down to 1.1. Learned to love them, Then in 2005, all sorts of life problems combined with minor hip injury from over swinging the driver. Took a break but Just seemed to suddenly stop playing golf..... Did not play another round of golf for 15 years, yikes. But during the lockdown I decided to go by a new set of irons, decided to go with Mavericks cavity backs because I assumed I was probably around the 12 handicap. But at the last minute settled on the apex regular cavity back, after hitting dozens of clubs at the PGA superstore. So I have been playing with those for a year and 1/2, shooting some 84's but can put together a good nine shoot a 39. So it is coming back but clubs feel too variable. Not enough feel. Definitely getting old. joints hurt, sticking with regular shafts driver speed ~98-102 seven iron about 83 mph. So after practicing I can see that I am a better player than I thought for the last six months I have been definitely missing my blades shaping ability and the narrow sole, the apex constantly feels thick and fat through impact, I have actually come to dislike the apex fat thick sole. Decided I was going to buy some more blade like clubs. Some players irons. So I did two things simultaneously..... now I have a problem. I picked up a set of MP 64 heads only nearly brand-new after doing two days of research on Google, reading every review ever written on the MP 64's, remind me of my MP 30s, but I think they're even better, arguably one of the best clubs Mizuno ever made. the MP 64 unanimously voted the best feeling, super optimized turf interaction sole designed by working hand-in-hand with dozens of professional golfers in 2003. Number one being Luke Donald. Then the next few days I went to the PGA superstore to just test some of the new players irons, brought my old clubs to compare, the apex pros 21 interaction with the mat was so clean so beautiful, my apex CF 19's continued to be fat, I hit the sweet spot every single time with the pros could not believe how good the center contact felt, I could not resist. Traded in the apex for the pros. so now I have two sets of players irons. I have yet to play around with the apex pros, but I sure am enjoying hitting them off the mat. So far. I am now questioning whether I should bother to assemble the MP 64's, I got a super deal on them at 200 bucks. Nearly brand-new,. But it looks like another $40 per shaft to get them into perfection so another $200. I am questioning whether all of the modern technology is such a massive increase versus the MP 64's, I am actually somewhat convinced the MP 64's still perform in today's game probably very similar to the JPX 921 tour. Perhaps slightly more pain on the toe shots versus the 921 tour. I really miss my super sweet Mizuno's from 15 years ago. I am craving that old feeling. I am even considering just getting fitted and buying a brand-new set of MP 20s. Fun Puzzle to have anyone still have MP 64's in play? Cheers
  4. I bought this during lockdown, I am right-handed, I was experimenting with my dominant eye looking at the target. So I got very good putting left-handed but it is way too much work, I am definitely better right-handed. 34 inch, putter is face balanced, it puts on a really nice roll, pure roll. You can be like Dustin Johnson only left-handed. So now I need to sell the left-handed spider X. Hopefully to a lefty. I probably hit 100 putts on the living room carpet it has never been outdoors. It is essentially brand-new, so I paid the full $349. But I know this is probably nearly impossible to sell so let us start off somewhere around $225. Thanks for looking Cheers make me an offer.
  5. Yeah I think practice warm up putts are dialing in your grip pressure, once you get relaxed they start going straight. I was very close to buying one of those ex putts, I am just not convinced they are accurate enough, they look pretty cool, but I thought that the surface itself looked like it was not pure or perfectly flat. But I have not seen one in person. I think for stroke analysis you need some what of a perfect surface. Since it is analyzing the final position of the ball traveled over a questionable surface. What is your opinion of the lumpiness of the surface?
  6. yeah that is what all the practice is for.... Speed control , now that I can hit the ball on the center of the putter face, but can I roll it 17 inches past the hole, on a good line? I now have better odds for successfully making a putt. I just picked up a Brad faxon speed drill. Which I tried yesterday. on the practice greens. He says find a 10 foot breaking putt with about 12-16" of break. He says putt three or four times until you clearly can find the apex by making the putt, and put a tee at the apex. Then for speed control practice.... make that exact same putt, but you have to make one putt above the tee by hitting a slower putt with a higher arc, and then you have to make one putt below the tee by hitting a faster putt on a lower arcing putt. Pretty fun do not go home until can do it. gives you a good sense trying to control your speed for the chosen line. So all the sudden you have the skill in your bag putt a low-speed putt on a high arc, medium speed putt on a medium arc, and a fast putt on a low arc and make all three of them.
  7. Super stroke Pistol GT 2.0 is one of my favorites, also even a notch above it is the the golf pride tour Sensor 140 cc, which fits my rather large hands quite well. I can just palm a basketball. These larger grips currently being offered definitely made me a better putter in the last five years. I forgot what book I was reading about it, five years ago. Maybe Steve Stricker.... grip pressure must be light to putt well. But to me searching grips became about comfort and reducing grip pressure, the larger grips allowed my natural closed hand to hold on the club lightly for the first time ever. The relaxed grip pressure allowed a very beautiful stroke. Then I started comparing all of the grips on the market the oversized Odyssey Stroke lab is pretty good and I can work with it pretty well. The sensor 140 CC is a pistol style or axe handle style, it contacts so many points of my hand so comfortably, I literally feel like I am holding equally at all points. What I have noticed is the last three fingers of my left hand need pressure/contact with the grip. The smaller and straight grips force me to hold onto the club harder with the left hand without realizing it and I take the club head back poorly outside the line. If I focus really hard I can let the pressure down with my left hand and swing quite well, but the large pistol style grips work extremely & remarkably well for me. I putt regular grip. Left-hand hi. The only problem with the sensor grip is its a little heavy (124g) and causes the swing weight to go down a little bit, so added 10 g to the head of my Scotty Cameron and it is the most flawless repeatable stroke I have ever had. but I am constantly having to monitor my grip pressure. I think that is an underrated concept for most mid handicappers.... think about your grip pressure as you set up and stroke the ball. Depending on how bad your chip shot was determines whether or not you are strangling the putter. Same recommendation as above try out a whole bunch of the new grips for comfort it should fill up your hand until the tip of your middle finger just touches your thumb pad, the golf stores are great because you can hold 20 or 30 grips and see/ visualize holding your putter comfortably. That is how I tripped across the sensor, soon as I picked it up I just said wow that is so comfortable. So yes I think it is the grip. Good luck
  8. Hey I just started the same relationship, phenomenal. I have always wanted Tiger Woods putter, I tried a Newport dozens of times over the last 10 years. Love the plumbers neck. Really loved to stroke them, but they seemed to require extra practice, extra precision, and I do not feel confident controlling the face. My miss rate with the Newport 2 seems very high with pushes and pulls, combined occasionally with slightly missed sweet spot towards the toe. So I was really excited to try out the squareback 2, Scotty proclaims for the player who wants a little bit more forgiveness in a Newport, I was able to compare the Newport 2, head-to-head on the carpet at the PGA superstore for several hours, absolutely fell in love with the square back 2 so much easier to set up square and aligned to my target. I seem to find the sweet spot 95% of the time. 51 putts inside the number two ring, only one toe hit, on the Pelz tape. The lighter marks are from dragging balls at set up. It just looks like a more comfortable Newport, and it is. After reading 10 webpages on putter fitting / buying your new putter.... there is three fundamentals that create a long honeymoon as far as I can tell. Of course there are several more subtle things you can consider, that can help the following, like grip size, loft, weight, so on… When you set up to a ten footer does the putter face point naturally at your target line. Can you aim the putter at your target consistently & easily? Most people are shocked when the laser points 5 inches left or right of the target line. Certain putters fit your eye and your alignment. Length and lie angle of are important. Now that your aligned with your target, can you start the ball on the target line within the first 24 inches? Can you repeat the same stroke reasonably well 10 times in a row. You have now found a long-term relationship.
  9. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Got my first set of clubs when I was 14, I have never shot over 100, my first round of golf was a 99. Always shot less than that ever since then. Have not played for 10 years, last round I played was a 75 three over par, but had a knee injury from over swinging and quit. So I bought a new set of clubs because I missed it. Trying to see if I can hold a senior swing together without hurting the knee again so far so good. What do you love about golf? Simple and complex at the same time, which means it is endlessly challenging fascinating and you are always learning something. I always recognized smart successful people enjoyed the game so that is who I wanted to hang out with. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I am a scientist, I love your scientific principle, as rational thought usually carries the day. Where are you from? What is your home course? Poppy Ridge Livermore What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Lots of good golf courses to choose from/wet courses mean bumpy footprint greens. What do you do for a living? Scientist How’d you pick your user name? Enjoy the Marvel universe.
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