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  1. I bought this during lockdown, I am right-handed, I was experimenting with my dominant eye looking at the target. So I got very good putting left-handed but it is way too much work, I am definitely better right-handed. 34 inch, putter is face balanced, it puts on a really nice roll, pure roll. You can be like Dustin Johnson only left-handed. So now I need to sell the left-handed spider X. Hopefully to a lefty. I probably hit 100 putts on the living room carpet it has never been outdoors. It is essentially brand-new, so I paid the full $349. But I know this is probably
  2. Yeah I think practice warm up putts are dialing in your grip pressure, once you get relaxed they start going straight. I was very close to buying one of those ex putts, I am just not convinced they are accurate enough, they look pretty cool, but I thought that the surface itself looked like it was not pure or perfectly flat. But I have not seen one in person. I think for stroke analysis you need some what of a perfect surface. Since it is analyzing the final position of the ball traveled over a questionable surface. What is your opinion of the lumpiness of the surface?
  3. yeah that is what all the practice is for.... Speed control , now that I can hit the ball on the center of the putter face, but can I roll it 17 inches past the hole, on a good line? I now have better odds for successfully making a putt. I just picked up a Brad faxon speed drill. Which I tried yesterday. on the practice greens. He says find a 10 foot breaking putt with about 12-16" of break. He says putt three or four times until you clearly can find the apex by making the putt, and put a tee at the apex. Then for speed control practice.... make that exact same putt
  4. Super stroke Pistol GT 2.0 is one of my favorites, also even a notch above it is the the golf pride tour Sensor 140 cc, which fits my rather large hands quite well. I can just palm a basketball. These larger grips currently being offered definitely made me a better putter in the last five years. I forgot what book I was reading about it, five years ago. Maybe Steve Stricker.... grip pressure must be light to putt well. But to me searching grips became about comfort and reducing grip pressure, the larger grips allowed my natural closed hand to hold on the club lightly for the first time eve
  5. Hey I just started the same relationship, phenomenal. I have always wanted Tiger Woods putter, I tried a Newport dozens of times over the last 10 years. Love the plumbers neck. Really loved to stroke them, but they seemed to require extra practice, extra precision, and I do not feel confident controlling the face. My miss rate with the Newport 2 seems very high with pushes and pulls, combined occasionally with slightly missed sweet spot towards the toe. So I was really excited to try out the squareback 2, Scotty proclaims for the player who wants a little bit more forgiven
  6. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Got my first set of clubs when I was 14, I have never shot over 100, my first round of golf was a 99. Always shot less than that ever since then. Have not played for 10 years, last round I played was a 75 three over par, but had a knee injury from over swinging and quit. So I bought a new set of clubs because I missed it. Trying to see if I can hold a senior swing together without hurting the knee again so far so good. What do you love about golf? Simple and complex at the same time, which means it is endl
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