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  1. Congratulations I'm sure you will love those irons, I have a new set of LTDx's and I'm hitting the ball like I was in my 30's again even better in some cases. Enjoy and Congratulations Rich Scott
  2. Unable to send on I'm Interested in the #7 Thx Rich Scott
  3. Tried to send msg about the R10 but it said you can't receive messages Thx Rich Scott
  4. I chose this set up because I'm getting older i find it harder to move through the spectrum every iron requires. I wanted the the mid weighted recoil shaft because I am currently playing it in my speedzone driver and love the way it feels with the perfect kick point. In currently playing a set of Cobra F9 blacked out irons with AMT white R300 shafts with Cobra velvet arrcos grips. my current handicap is 12.3, and you can message me anytime and I'd be willing to discuss the attributes and any pimples there might be about the new Cobra clubs, just as long as you understand I have always played Cobra's except for a short experiment with Srixon's and a have a soft spot for Cobra's.
  5. richmscott

    Urethane or not?

    Try the Wilson Duo or Fifty Fifty Elite especially the yellow urethane cover or start hitting a 3 wood off the tee you may loose a little distance but make up for it with more shots in play.
  6. The rest of you might as well sit this this one out I've got the winners already selected.
  7. I like to wear my Puma fas-lite shoes in white during the summer and black in the winter. They provide plenty of traction and are form fitting and comfortable.
  8. I've played cobra for more than 30yrs started with the cobra II OS with the little wing on the hosel. No my bag is F9 woods and F9 irons combo set MB/CB with AMT white R100 shafts. I had KBS S120 in them but they where just al ittle to stiff. My favs though where the CXI's with graphite shafts. Lots of love to Cobra and products they make I even wear Puma's shoes.
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