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  1. Small world! I'd love to go play sometime, Friday afternoons are generally best for me (although work has been crazy lately), hopefully things will settle down soon. I'll try to give you a shout.
  2. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I went to the range with my dad as a kid a few times (whenever a vendor put on a tournament that he played in), then I started playing from time to time in the occasional charity tournament through my work after graduating. Caught the bug, now I’ve been playing pretty consistently for around a year and a half. My current handicap is a 17.4. What do you love about golf? I enjoy the challenge of the game, being outside, and the social aspect. I also enjoy the fact that there will always be something to work on
  3. I am currently using the Kirkland 3 Piece (V 2.0 or whatever the most recent release is called) and have had pretty good results up until the last box. Out of the last box I purchased I've had two balls which felt, sounded and performed VERY poorly off my driver (to the point that my buddy standing on the tee box thought my driver had cracked, the sound was totally dead but also higher pitched than normal if that makes sense). My normal drive is around 250 total, these two drives finished at about 205 (with a pretty normal fade but they just died and fell out of the air, nothing felt strange i
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