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  1. I was thinking of listing on multiple platforms. ChitownM2 gave some perspective on pricing it accordingly dependent upon where it’s listed. I’m in no rush to dump them off, so it’s not that big a deal. I found a god deal on some nice Mizuno 919’s w/recoils from a local guy in FB marketplace and grabbed them. I’m interested to see when I set up multiple listings what type of buyer feedback I get. thanks for the help. This has turned out to be very insightful. I will say that I’ve joined here and WRX and only have received one comment on WRX. It seems people here are more social. Not sure if that’s an anomaly or not but I do appreciate the feedback.
  2. I guess it seems each place that you are able to list on presents it’s own set of issues. The FB and CL gets you quite a bit of low ball offers and so forth. eBay has all the fees but the huge market. Trade-ins are great but the kill you on the price. The forums seem good as you are dealing with golfers, but again, there is a smaller market. it just seems that the maybe streaming them in a couple platforms is the best way to go. I’m in the Northeast, so there is no rush for me to get rid quickly. I’ll maybe put them up and ride the wave and see where I end up. Thanks for all the advice and input.
  3. Hello all, I’m new to the forum and live up in the Northeast. I’m going to sell a set of irons and was looking for some feedback. There are multiple places to sell EBay, golf forums, Facebook etc... Do you feel anyone place is better than another? I appreciate any feedback and look forward to selling and getting a new set of sticks.
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