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  1. In ‘89 I bought a set of the original forged EDGE irons that I played till my complete bag was stolen in ‘03. Bought the PTXs in ‘20 and new EDGE irons last year. While I have moved to a mostly hybrid set in my bag, I still carry the 9 iron as a scoring club with my other brand wedges. The feel is better than the others. I’m sad this has happened to them based on a bankruptcy of their owner. Hopefully Scott White can find some new investors to resurrect the Hogan name again.
  2. 13th Hole Par 5 looking west from the tee box. It’s a nice view of Pilot Knoll in Denton County, Texas
  3. loudmouthred

    Oakmont CC Corinth, Texas

    My home course just a few blocks away from our house.
  4. I played the previous generation Tour Speed for a few dozen boxes. This newest formulation is different and I haven’t been convinced it’s as good. The distance is not the same and I believe the spin is less. I’m taking another sleeve out Thursday to see if it is just me.
  5. How long have you been playing golf? 46 years, started when I was 11 after buying my first set from a neighbor's garage sale. What’s your handicap or normal score? I can shoot mid 90's pretty consistently. However, I have been known to go into the high 80's on occasion during the heat of the season and also have a disaster and be over 100 a couple of times a month. What do you love about golf? The reward of making a great shot and the fellowship with other golfers. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I have been reading Golf Spy articles for the last year online. Do you already know any other Spies? Haven't met any that I know of, yet. Where are you from? Dallas/Fort Worth area. My home is currently in Denton. What is your home course? I would say this year it is a tie between Lake Park in Lewisville and Robison Ranch in Denton, I have a club card at Tour 18 in Flower Mound. They were closed from July 1 to September 15 for renovation. In 2018 I played 20 rounds at Cowboys Golf Club from July till the end of September, a lot of rounds at Grapevine GC too. Then it started raining (flooding for over a month) and I had to have Skin Cancer Surgery. I took 2019 off because the Doc said I needed to stay out of the sun. I finally got back out this past May and it has been two to three times a week since. I like to play different courses each week and consider many in the area my home course. I have a Golf Pass membership as well as the VIP Blue Sky Card and the Tour 18 Card, use the Coupons and Specials as much as possible from iDeal Golfer and other websites. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best is the amount of time you can play during the year because the weather is good. Worst is not enough courses to meet the demand. What do you do for a living? Sales in the Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment Industry. How’d you pick your user name? It's my long time email address moniker. It fits.
  6. WITB Callaway X-Hot 10.5 Degree A Flex, Callaway Epic Flash 12 Degree XFlow 55g A Flex, Callaway Rogue 13.5 Degree 40g A Flex, Callaway Epic Flash 15 Degree A Flex (all the previous set for a Draw), Cobra Baffler 7 Lite Flex, Taylor Made RBZ 25 Degree Rescue M Flex, Ben Hogan PTX Forged Irons 6-AW Recoil 660 F-3, Ben Hogan TK-15 55 SW, Ben Hogan TK-15 60 LW, Scotty Select Round Back 35" w/Cameron Oversize Grip. Oh, and that 15 ft Ball Retriever with the Bright Orange Two way Head. Too many tees (ain't counting, still picking up ones I like), too many balls (at least 20 or so), too many ball markers (half dozen or more), too many divot tools (I know there are at least 5 or six), band-aides, Ibuprofen, six or seven gloves (one is a left in case it's cold or I sunburned the back of my hands the day before, as I play bare handed), Sunscreen (Really, I've been Red Headed all my life and got the skin cancer surgery scars to prove it and also wear a wide brimmed hat), blister tape, pocket knife or two, brush to clean the spikes, Spike Wrench, Club Wrench to adjust the loft/weights/hosels, Rain Hood for the clubs that match the bag, Rain Pants, Umbrella, Ibuprofen, three or four minis from the liquor cabinet-Vodka/Fireball/Bourbon, A Flask full of Something Good that depends on my mood, range tokens, locker key at my favorite course, three or four towels hanging on the side with a club brush, an extra in the bag, couple of pairs of clean socks, Laser Rangefinder, Blue Tooth Speaker, Valuable Bag with wallet and keys, Cigar Cutter, Three Lighters for the Cigars, probably forgot a few things. It weighs a ton and I have been riding for years. Recently bought a Push Cart and walking when the course is not spread out in a housing development or resort is my New Year's Resolution. The only thing missing is Evel Knievel's trademark .357 Magnum that he carried in his golf bag. Yeah, I know that's 15 clubs but who's counting? I'm out here for the drinks!
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