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  1. Thanks for the reply MattF. Shotscope did get back to me in 48hrs but with the suggested re-set and re-boot from the website instructions. Although I had completed these steps several times already without success, I followed them again but this time went a step further. The very misleading part of these instructions (which are on the website), is the phrase "Complete on boarding'. As I was not sure the watch was working, I had not 'Set up my Bag' with the tags and therefore did not want to proceed beyond this stage. As the phrase "Complete onboarding' didn't mean anything to me
  2. Hi has anyone had 'button problems on the Shotcope V3. On my new watch they just dont work, even after re-connecting several times, updating firmware and reloading app. Or is this some simple like GPS availaibility to start the round ?
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