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  1. I’m 48 and switched to graphite irons about 3 years ago. I play the Mitsubishi AV AM2 Red stiff shafts. I love them. Get fitted for your swing. I also love that they don’t get rust spots if I forget to clean them after a damp round!
  2. So it’s been a little over 3 months since I installed the stiff flex steadfast shaft on my driver. Again, I got it “raw”, and scuffed the tip before installing my titleist shaft adapter. I haven’t had one problem with the shaft at all. My playing partners admire my shot shaping ability with this shaft, as I’ve become quite accustomed to it now. I can really work the drives, straight, fade, or the new love of mine, the rolling draw. The one thing I’ve noticed is I can really “go for it”! Swinging without caution used to result in a wicked slice. Now I’m long and predictable, in control. I’ve r
  3. So I bought a box yesterday for today’s round with my gaggle. Never played a Srixon before, and was a little worried after reading the mygolfspy review of the previous Q Star Tours being out of round in shape. Additionally, I was worried about the potential for the two halves to split, or start to fall apart. As far as “looks” I couldn’t care less, I already play yellow balls as I have a hard time tracking my shots ever since I had lasik a few years ago. 20/15 vision, just can’t see a white ball against grey clouds anymore. I’ve been playing the Snell MTB-X or Pro V1’s, but I’ve found defects
  4. Update to my “raw” steadfast stiff driver shaft. I was finally able to get out and play a full round today. Unfortunately the weather in San Antonio hasn’t been “good” golf weather lately, either too wet, too windy, or too cold. Today was sunny with about 4mph winds, but only 49*F, so still on the chilly side. Had no issues with the titleist driver adapter I epoxied onto the shaft. It stayed put just fine. Distance wise, I’d say I played about average yardage, which being about 10-15 degrees cooler than what I normally play, maybe equals 5-10 yards longer than my previous Aldila Rip’d stiff
  5. Just received the Steadfast Raw driver shaft I’d ordered. Stiff flex. Being the “raw” shaft, it comes in its most basic state, no grip, no head adapter. I enjoy tweaking my clubs, and have no problem glueing the tips and gripping. I had read a lot online, but after watching a TXG YouTube video in steadfast and their low torque, it piqued my interest. Went to their website and found a hell of a deal for the raw shaft at $49! So here’s my assessment as an 11 handicap with moderate club building experience. 1. steadfast website mentions their shafts have “no spine”. While I found my
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