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  1. Just an update. I went with the Tommy Armour 845 irons. I took them to the range and they're great. I also picked up a Wilson C300 5 wood and that is great as well. Thanks everyone for all your help!
  2. The PGA Superstore in East Hanover, NJ was pretty ransacked in terms of clubs. They had probably half or less of the clubs on display actually there. They only had the Wilson D300 in graphite as the steel was all gone. Any suggestions between these three Maltby clubs: STi2, TE Forged, and KE4 Tour+ or would I be better with the Sub 70 since I can demo it?
  3. Yeah, I've noticed that all the lofts are quite a bit higher than my old clubs. I'm guessing that's because mine are 15 to 20 years old. Basically it seems like the loft on my 5 iron is the loft of a new 7 iron. At that point why are they even putting numbers on the clubs? Just list the lofts. I would have given the D7s a hit but both places were sold out.
  4. Great, I'll take a look at all this stuff. Thanks guys! You've all been super helpful.
  5. I'm just able to hit the weaker lofted irons. I haven't used tracking data on my 7 iron but I'm pretty sure I hit it only a few years shorter than the game improvement ones. They also said that I was launching the ball fairly high considering the loft of the clubs. I don't know if that's true or not. Again all of this data stuff is new to me. Back when I bought my set of clubs it was some old school dude in Myrtle Beach who went off of what his eyes and ears were telling him. I've been looking around e-bay and hopefully I'll have some luck. Any particular clubs you would suggest?
  6. I probably took about 30 to 40 swings with a 7 iron of each set. That's all Golf Galaxy and the PGA Superstore would let me demo. I'll check out Ben Hogan. Back when I was teenager/in my twenties I played a bit more. I've just gotten back into playing because of the pandemic the only thing you can do "safely" is basically go outside and play golf. I got my clubs when I was like 17 or so and now I'm 37 and a lot has changed since then so all of this is fairly new to me. Thanks for your offer to sell those clubs. I appreciate it but I'm going to politely decline. I'll check out ebay and see
  7. hello all. i'm currently playing some knockoff taylormade burner oversize irons. they're probably, at least, 15 years old (hopefully the pictures uploaded). they're still in decent condition but i think they're overdue for an update. i've tried hitting some new clubs. i tested out the wilson d300, tour edge c521, tommy armour 845, and the callaway rogue irons. hopefully the data for the d300s and c521s uploaded. as you can see i suck at golf. i liked hitting the wilsons best but the c521s gave me the best results. the issue i had with all these clubs though is that the lofts were all
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