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  1. Cut will be +0 JS will be -5 after 2. Good luck everyone
  2. A massive thanks to MyGolfSpy and @SuperSpeed for the opportunity to take part in another product testing - I must be doing something right!! Hopefully that will continue with this one and you, the readers, find my review interesting and informative - I’ll do my best for you I’m super-excited to see if this training aid can help add that extra speed and distance I’m looking for and I know it’s something many players strive for so I hope this review will give you, the MGS readers, some valuable information to help you choose if this is for you. Who is DStar? Hi, I’m Steve and I’m nearly 50!! How on earth did that happen? I swear I was 40 a couple of years ago….. I’m happily married to Hannah and we have 2 amazingly bright/funny/annoying daughters - Faith (11) and Phoebe (8). I live in a lovely little town called Malvern in the heart of England, a town made famous by its water, Morgan Motors and The Hills. I’m a CNC programmer by trade which means I have access to some very cool machines and have dabbled at making my own putters and markers - it’s pretty cool to be able to make something I can use when out on the course. My Golf Background I’ve only been playing golf properly since the start of 2021 after a break of over 20 years. I played as a junior with my dad then took a break to play football and ride mountain bikes - Golf did not provide the adrenalin rush I was after back then. I’m now playing off 11.6 after starting on 24 so my game is coming on well but inconsistency is my main problem. I’m practising as much as I can and would love to get to single figures by the end of this year - that’s my goal. I’m quite a physical player, high swing speed around 110mph with the driver and like to attack the pin - maybe I should play the percentages more but I just can’t help it! I enjoy the long ball and have a reputation amongst my playing partners as being one of the longest drivers of the ball in my club. I’d like to think that after this test I’ll be Numero Uno! I’m hoping to add speed & distance but not at the cost of poorer dispersion - I’d like to be on the fairway too (not too much to ask is it?) I’ll be adding regular updates so keep checking back. If anyone has any questions or ideas please post them and I’ll do my best to answer or help.
  3. I've got 2 that I made. 1st one comes out every now and then but my 2nd version is going well and I can't see it changing any time soon (and if I did change it for one made by someone else I'd get so much stick from my playing buddies )
  4. Played my 1st ever match play on Friday. My partner is a solid 7HC so I have a good one! We worked very well together - I won 1st, Will won 2nd, me the 3rd. We were 4 up after 5 Our opponents rallied a bit but we ended up winning 6 & 5. I won the 13th with a perfect drive over the trees, 50° to 8' and rolled in the birdie (with a shot). Onto the next round
  5. What a great bunch! Good luck with the testing gents, this'll be good
  6. Thanks Jamie, good to hear that you're pleased with them. I'll have a read through your review
  7. As it's a big birthday this year I'm going to treat myself to set of fitted irons. Being a lefty makes it a tougher task as there's not many local pros that keep much LH in stock for demo/fittings. I had a day away with my daughter and, upon leaving, spotted the UK Sub70 fitting centre over the road. I've heard of them but never seen any in the flesh so popped in for a quick chat. Based on what I told the guy there regarding swing speed/handicap etc, I'd be looking at the 659 irons. As a CNC programmer by trade I really like the look of them with the visible milling patterns. Does anyone here have them, compared them against the big brands? I'll definitely be going back for a trial session soon to see how they stack up.
  8. I've tried 2 shafts in my putters, both KBS. Started with the CT Tour (as it was the cheaper option) in my original putter which felt nice - smooth, worked well. I then changed that for a matt black OneStep which felt even better and now it's installed in my current, slightly heavier, putter I've noticed less mishits on long putts and feel is improved. The OneStep also looks great and have had many people ask me about it.
  9. I went with red & green on my putter as a trial. I've got a set of 8 G-Paints so can change it easy enough. Seems OK so far
  10. Great project, Tom. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses I've eyed up an area in my garden to do something similar when the kids don't use their swings anymore as the wife suggested I could go back to lawn - might just be a really short cut lawn
  11. Good luck guys, congrats on being the testers. Look forward to your thoughts
  12. Managed to get out again on Sunday afternoon for a quick knock and ended up playing 1-9, 15-18 as I found a gap. Another pretty good knock . Have been playing with setting on my driver for more accuracy and it seems to be working. 260y 3-w on 1st, chip to 5' & rolled in the birdie. On in 2 on the par 5 - 4th but 3 putted from 40' Got to the 9th which I never seem to drive well but hit 2 crackers, 310y and within about 10' of each other. On to 17 which is a long par 5, hit my best drive ever down there and left myself a 220y hybrid into the green (over a large pond). Hit it perfectly on target but caught the overhead cables which means a free drop and replay the shot. Pulled the replay right and had a horrendous looking chip out of the rough, over a bunker to a pin about 10' on. Came out perfect and left me a 12' putt for birdie which I duly sank! Ended up +3 for 13 holes - 2 birdies, 6 pars, 5 bogeys & 17 putts.
  13. I'm a glove-off guy. I use taking it off as a start to my putting routine and it helps me settle things to be ready to putt. Same with putting it back on - I'm getting my mind set right for the next tee shot
  14. Snuck out for 12 holes on Sunday afternoon in the glorious spring sunshine. Empty course, birds singing - fabulous. Played pretty well and was 8 over for 12 holes. Nothing too special except a flop-shot birdie on the 5th. Missed the green, right, which put me high on a slop above the green with about 8 yards of green to play with - hit the slope and the ball is off the green kinda thing. Anyway, I'm normally pretty good at flop shots and, as the ball was sat up OK, thought I'd give it a go. Couple of practice swings felt good, set up to the ball - swing - up it pops, perfectly - lands 3 feet from the pin and rolled in like Tiger's chip in the Masters
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