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  1. The Core are supposed to be real 100% leather. Maybe your TSi is PU leather? Thanks for checking
  2. Does anyone have a Titleist Core leather headcover? I bought a pair off eBay from a seller with lots of good feedback but I think these are fake. There is no leather smell and the driver weights 50g less than my premium leather headcover. The label also looks wrong and the material is actually quite stretchy and the stitching on the rear looks completely different to the genuine one I have. If you've got one could you post a pic of the label on the inside and weigh the cover if possible? Here's what I got: Thanks Steve
  3. My MP 32 didn't have the running bird logo at all.
  4. 1st session on the practice ground. Trying to concentrate on having stronger right hand, better shoulder alignment, slightly narrower stance. Feels weird but better results. 20221030_111758~2.mp4 20221030_110443~2.mp4
  5. I'll go back to basics to get the set up right. Now you say about my feet/body/shoulders I can see it's miles off but I've obviously got used to it as off feels normal - square does not. Practice ground here we come
  6. Here's the rear & side views with a ball I need to work on this over the winter as it has the capacity to ruin my round. Irons are generally much better and controlled. 20221028_142259~2.mp4 20221028_142959~2.mp4 I'll be booking in with the pro to go over it but just thought I'd get some tips to work on to remove any really obvious issues. Appreciate the input guys
  7. I'll get a couple of better videos this afternoon, from back & side on. After looking at this it's not the best one..
  8. OK, here's a quick video of my driver swing..any tips gratefully received 20221026_171142.mp4
  9. I've not been buying recently until I came across a shaft to try in my driver. Currently gaming a Matrix Black Tie X but fancied trying a counterbalanced shaft so picked up an Aldila Rogue Silver 110MSI X off ebay for a nice price. Looking forward to trying both out, side by side, on the practice ground and sim. Really like how the matt black at the tip of the shaft matches the matt head of the RadSpeed
  10. Here's a couple of photos of the dial on the fairway & hybrid covers. The dial is fairly stiff and there do appear to be some detents on the wheel and housing but they don't seem to actually do anything. The fairway dial has 3, 4, 5, 7 & X, the hybrid has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & UT markings.
  11. Unofficial Craftsman Golf ‘Birdie’ Headcover review by Steve Davies I was contacted by https://craftsmangolf.com/ via Twitter to see if I would like to try out some of their headcovers and provide a review and some feedback. I’m not connected to them in any way and this is my own, unofficial and unbiased, review of the set I received from the UK warehouse. I was sent a complete set including driver, 2 x fairway, hybrid & blade putter. All arrived in perfect condition in a plastic wrapper. At the time I received the set the price was around £80 - pretty good value for money for 5 headcovers! Craftsman 'Birdie' Headcover set I’ll place the pictures at the bottom of my review to make it easier to read through… First Impressions: 5 out of 5 My first impressions were very good, quality seemed very high and all stitching was really neat with the alignment of the logos and birds being spot on. Colours were very bright and vibrant and materials seemed to be good quality. It states on the website that the covers are leather but I couldn’t detect a leather smell but the material was very soft and supple so I contacted Craftsman golf regarding the material and they use a PU leather so there is misleading information on the website description - I’ve suggested changing the description - This has now been corrected to state PU leather on the website. The linings are nice and soft and should do a good job of protecting the clubs. A nice touch on the putter cover is the magnetic closure which I much prefer to velcro. Aesthetics: 4 out of 5 As mentioned in my first impressions, the covers look great - probably not what I would choose as a design if I were buying them but they do look good. The stitching is very high quality with only one noticeable thread inside the putter cover, detail on the birds and logos is good. Everything lines up well with the logos and birds all being centred nicely on the covers. The fairway & hybrid covers include a rotary dial to set the club number but there are no detents on the dial so it doesn’t click into place and could possibly move but this isn't a major issue to me as I only play 1 x fairway and 1 x hybrid but could be annoying if you use more than one of each. I’ve had lots of compliments on them at my local course including the club pro who commented on how well made they are. Out on the course: 4 out of 5 Out on the course the covers have performed very well. My only slight issue is that the fairway cover is a little loose on my Cobra F9 3 wood but it still stays in place and I’ve not had an issue with it falling off yet. The magnetic closure on the putter cover works well. They have also stood up to a round in the rain without any issues and dried well without losing any shape or colour. The good, the bad and the indifferent: 4 out of 5 Not really a lot to add here as I have been really impressed with these covers. My only, personal, issue with these covers is that the fairway cover is a little big but that may not be a problem with other woods. The other covers fit really well on my Cobra RadSpeed driver, Mizuno CLK hybrid and my own custom made putter. The club number dial on the fairway and hybrid could be a improved if the dial could stay in place a better. I’ve raised the issue of the material description with Craftsman so they would get an extra point if that is cleared up as I would be disappointed if I’d ordered a set of ‘premium leather’ covers and received PU leather instead - Score updated as the description has now been corrected on the website. Play it or trade it: 5 out of 5 I’ll be keeping these for sure. They add some colour to my bag, protect my clubs and look great as a set. I have a Daphnes Headcovers ‘wolf’ as my driver cover which is a nightmare in the wet so having this set will allow me to keep that for dry conditions. Conclusion: To be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure what sort of quality these covers would be, given the price of around £80, but they really are very good for the money. The custom cover I had made for my own putter cost £50 on its own so they represent great value. Maybe a slight adjustment on the fairway cover size and improvements on the number dials would be good but that’s about all I can fault on these. Here’s some colour for your day
  12. I've developed a tendency to slice my driver at the moment and it's really bugging me. I was having some practice with my set-up last night and noticed I feel like I'm standing too close to the ball.. Could this be part of the problem? I guess by being too close I'm adjusting my swing path to get the club back to the ball.. I know practice is the way forward (and I'll be working on that) but just wondering if anyone had been doing a similar thing and found a little more distance helped. Steve
  13. Your putter looks really nice When I did the face machining on my own design I wanted a slightly coarser pattern so I used a 50mm Ø single insert tool with a spindle speed of 200 RPM and feedrate of 400mm/min so effectively twice the feed to speed. Pretty pleased with the results. For the machining you are after a smaller cutter and slightly slower feed should do it.
  14. Thanks Haha, hope not...dark side = 3 putts?
  15. I had a bit of spare time on my machine today and I've always wanted to do a Stormtrooper ball marker...well, here it is. Machined from brass and paint-filled for the light & dark sides of the force 20221024_102404.mp4
  16. Technically I didn't buy it, my wife did for my birthday. Matching towel to go with it and a nice Mizuno polo shirt.
  17. After doing the Nippon Modus³ Tour test I want to add some Nippons to my wedges as I really like the feel and performance of the 115's and my current wedge shafts are a Titleist 'Wedge', PX LZ and an R300 I'm playing X-flex in my irons and have found some suitable shafts on eBay. I'm thinking of going for the X-flex for my 50° & 54° but considering an S-flex for my 58° as I only use that for partial/green/bunker shots. My 50 & 54 are used for everything from full shots to delicate chips around the green. Does that seem a sensible play or better to go with 3 identical shafts? Vokey SM8 wedges... Thanks Steve
  18. Not really been doing much with putter design as this one is working so well for me. Only issue I had is that the brushed finish was giving too much glare so I decided to give the 'visible at address' part of the putter a fine bead blast which has made a huge difference and looks more refined too. Also fancied a new rear logo plate so found a bit of phosphor bronze which should age nicely. Added 15g to the weight too so feels a bit more stable and solid on contact: 20220926_121754.mp4
  19. Thanks for the reply. Sounds like it'd be a good bag Looks fantastic too.
  20. Looking to get a new stand bag for my birthday and found a great deal on this bag. Anyone use one and, if so, what are your thoughts on it? Steve
  21. If it were me, I'd see the ChipR as a utility club and gap my wedges to suit how many spare spots I have in the bag. My PW is 46° so I'd probably look at a 50, 56 with good bunker bounce & the ChipR if that made up my 14 clubs. If you have less clubs at the top end you could have PW, 50, 54, 58 & ChipR...
  22. Currently playing the F9 3-wood but have come across a RADSpeed head for a great price. Has anyone gone from one to the other and, if so, how did the 2 compare? I'm not struggling with the F9 and getting great distance from it. Just thinking the newer RAD would have a bit more tech for distance and forgiveness... Steve
  23. Morning all I'm not hitting my driver very well at the moment but my 3-wood (Cobra F9) is more than making up for it at the moment. Played Saturday and, I know the ground is hard so getting more run, I'm getting from 260y uphill to 300y downhill from it set at 14.5°. I'm toying with the idea of getting an identical setup but dropping one to 13° with the other up at 16° which would give me a good gap to my hybrid at 19°. Anyone doing similar?
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