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  1. I will wear my Garmin Fenix 5S while mountain biking, working out and now while out on the range. I think the various golf apps are pretty useful. I sync up my watch to Strava. It does feel awkward in the beginning, but I'm pretty used to it now.
  2. Hello! Greetings from Malaysia. I've just started taking lessons a few months ago and I have not played on the course yet. Maybe after the whole Covid-19 situation improves in my area. There is just so much information to digest on technique, equipment, the jargon etc. I think Golf is the toughest sport. You can't pretend to know how to play it. It can be super frustrating most of the time to hit the ball straight (Not to mention with distance, I can only hit 75 yards with my 7 iron *sob*). I hope I can play like you guys some day. Nice to be connected with all of you! Cheers
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