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  1. I'm not sure the quality/performance will be as good as the FST Pros. I use the 115s and they are a great shaft for me. I didn't find the Apollo's to be as accurate, (the stepless) I sprayed them all over. They seemed to be 1 to 2 flexes softer than listed. Maybe the stepped are better. The only Apollo's I liked were the hump shafts.
  2. I have a Cleveland Classic Belly head which is 400 g. A bit heavy for me, might try to counterweight it. The Cleveland Gutcheck is one of my gamers at 365 g. These can easily take a large snsr grip and still feel fine in terms of balance.
  3. I use acrylic, fill the letters and wipe off with a cloth damp with acetone. If it doesn't stick scuff up the surface a bit if you can get something small enough, then it should stick better.
  4. No experience with removing powder coating. I did powder coat a shaft bright fuscia for my wife"s Cameron and matched the paint fill. Looks great.
  5. Well, my position and I'm sticking to it is - I used to be a terrible putter. I wanted to get better. I tried putters galore in stores with a putting green, and if I really liked one I would buy it. None were expensive. But I did get addicted. Now I have over 40 and some are pricey. I won several Camerons, gave one to my wife, sold one to a friend and have 6 left. They are not my best putters though. My Clevelands (total 6), SnakeEyes (total 4), a Tad Moore, and I do take out my Hogan Bettinardi and a Cameron or two occasionally. These all have varied pistol grips and weights and they all have different purposes. So now I know what I like and need in a putter so I haven't bought many in the past couple years. I did think I had a problem when I counted them a couple years ago but then I thought, hey I have a collection. Then I felt better. Funny, and I am a much better putter now.
  6. I use the golf pride snsr on a couple putters. I like the pistol contour. The only thing you have to be careful about is the weight. The bigger one is 124g and can dramatically affect the head weight feel. So it needs to be on a heavy head. Mine is 365 g so it has a nice feel to it. The 90 g version is on one of my Camerons and feels pretty good. The super stroke isn't "pistoly" enough for me. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  7. Have you hit the KuroKage black 2nd gen for comparison? I use them now, they were really inexpensive but performed much better than the recoils and the excaliber (red) shafts. I was curious about the mmt's but haven't seen them anywhere up here to try them.
  8. Well, I love my Wishon 555's, both blade and cavity (have two sets). Our course can get really wet so I use the cavities for the slightly wider sole otherwise back to the muscleback. I have at least a dozen sets of irons that I can play but always come back to the 555's. Haven't found anything that feels better. The lofts are not jacked up which I prefer. I want my PW to be 48 (spec was 47 so bent it to 48). My wife up until this year used the 550C irons. Hers are pretty beat up looking now, and she just got the Srixon Z785 and they are a nice combo with the modus 3 120S shaft. I made a 4 and 7 wood for myself that were low profile and hi cor but my wife tried them and i didn't get them back.
  9. Hardest thing to install to my eye, best thing is prayer. Most double bend putters I see in stores look installed crooked. The last one I did took 5 tries! Also use 5 min epoxy, doesn't matter what the strength is for a putter. Once installed correctly I don't think you can beat them, must be the weighting.
  10. I don't think they wear out but have seen many sets of steel that develop quite a warp to them.
  11. Well, Bernhard Langer may disagree since he transferred the same Hogan Apex shafts into many sets over the years. He played a lot with them and very well!
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