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  1. Check my recent post. Selling my brand new PXG and driving iron
  2. Looking to trade my PXG 0811x Proto 9 degree driver and Exotics cbx ironwood 2 driving iron, both in excellent condition (and with headcovers). PXG has a 60g KuroKage xStiff and exotics has a 85g xStiff HZRDUS black . Trading for a mizuno st200 driver 9 degree and mizuno mp-20 HMB 2 iron; or mizuno st190 driver 9 degree and mizuno mmc fli hi 2 iron or a combination of either. Would even take a mizuno st190 or st200 3 wood 15degree over the utility irons. Prefer xstiff in all but I would take a stiff. Must be in great condition but still can be used. Headcovers are optional as I have my own! willing to consider other brands for trades as well. Would sell them both as a pair for $350. If broken up the driver Is $300 and 2 iron $125 Thanks!
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