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  1. Some years back I did my own ball fitting. I went to a Big Box store and bought six sleeves of different golf balls. Played six rounds using one ball brand per round. Bought only Urethane cover balls. Kept track of my stats for each round. The winner was Bridgestone B RX with the longest driver distance. Spin for me was OK. But now my favorite balls are Srixon Z Star and TP5. I'm a high handicap. but those two balls have good distance and even I can great great spin on the greens when hit flush. Good luck on your search.
  2. MY shaft story. Wanted to replace my irons with 40g light weight shafts. After a fitting at a BIG BOX STORE, they wanted $160 per shaft with grip. Tried another BIG BOX STORE. $160 per shaft. Next tried a local well known independent golf shop. $160 per shaft. So.. I phoned the OEM customer service line and asked." If I mailed my clubs to you, how much to put in the shafts I wanted"--$75 per shaft plus postage. Lastly I tried a small one man golf shop and he would charge $55 per shaft to send them to the OEM. SOLD! Never know what you can find if you shop around,
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