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  1. All standard length. JPX-919 Hot Metal 5-9, PW, GW. True Tempur New Concept tour x1 stiff shafts, lamkin sonar midsize grips, pristine condition. $700 or best offer. MP-33 3-PW, dynamic gold s300 stiff shafts, new blue karma midsize velvet. Chrome stripped satin nickel, fresh paintfiill. Shafts are sand to matt satin finish. $450 or best offer. MP-60 3-PW, Project X 5.5, firm still shafts, polished to satin finish. Chrome stripped clubs to satin nickel finish. New karma mid size blue velvet. $350 or best offer. MP-58, 4-PW, Dynamic Gold s300
  2. Love this right up. I buy and sell lots of older mizunos.. Mp-25 Mp-59 MP-60 I really want to start hitting some of these. I just ordered a set of mp-33's that are identical to the mp-100 anniversary edition irons i flipped a couple weeks ago. I have never even hit a blade, but I do play the jpx919 hm. I am itching to pick a set of vintage blades and play them, perhaps I will try the mp-33.
  3. I recently started playing in a regular basis after an 8-10year hiatus. In the past year I have been seriously tinkering with my bag. I have committed my current bag setup till at least end of this 2021. I started playing again in jun 2020. Here is bag evolution.. Driver. Callaway x series tour 9.0 Epic flash sz Mavrik Epic flash Mavrik max Mavrik sz current player. Irons Steelhead x-14 3-sw Diablo edge r 4-pw Rogue cf18 4-sw Mavrik max 5-sw Mizuno JPX919 HOT METAL 5-LW Current players Putter. Odessey
  4. I have the jpx919 hot metal irons 4-lw. I think they provide a good amount of forgiveness and still give you a nice feel, easy clean turf interaction etc. Compared the callawy mavrik irons the mizunos feel much smaller. They are not really significantly smaller but they feel smaller and cleaner. I really want to hit the jpx pro or forged, but my bag is set for next season. I am commited to at least 1 season with current bag setup. Maybe some tweaks next season. If I were you, I would try to hit several different brand clubs when getting fit. I would defintely include the
  5. I guess what confuses me is all this talk of strategically located weight in perfect spot down low or toward toe to make club more forgiving, then add weight to the hosel which is high and toward heel, just seams contradictory. My gut tells me a heavier shaft and heavier club head would result in better more consistent strikes for me. So I have tt 130g sour concept shafts on my jpx919's. I might weigh all the clubs to see what I find.
  6. I am looking for some forum members to join up with this spring in South Jersey shore area. Will play anywhere South of Tom's River area. Would really like to setup a sat morning group. There are tons of good courses around. Looks like we have some time to set something up.
  7. My bag is set, I cannot even thing of anything new to add. Driver Mavrik sub zero 9 deg Aldila rogue white 70x Fairway woods. Mavrik sub zero 3w and 5w. Mavrik std 7w same shaft as driver in 70s Irons, Mizuno JPX-919 5-9, pw, gw, sw and lw. ODESSEY triple track 7 putter. I was lucky this winter and played a ton of golf in NJ till weather put a stop to it in late Jan and through February. I cannot wait till we get rid of all this snow and get back in the 40's so I can play again. I am feeling like a golf trip to a warmer climate, but my wife is Covi
  8. I don't think they where shims as they went into the shaft tip and where not bigger then shaft so cannot see how it would be shim. Now I am going to have to learn about swing weights and how to adjust. Those weights in the tip hosel seam like a not so great idea....
  9. I have played lastly callaway, recently rogue cf18, and most recently mavrik max. I really liked the mavrik max, in fact I ordered a set of project x 6.0 steel shafts to lower launch. mavriks are super forging and very long. I really was loving them and only complaint was they are designed to help you get ball up in air and I really do kot need help there. I was happy with what was my 4th set of callaway irons. I bought the jpx-919 hot metal irons on a whim. Really a backup set or a set to play while I was swapping out shafts on mavriks. After 1 round with mizunos, my
  10. I have been removing shafts from lots of iron sets of late to clean and buff them out. I noticed some shafts have a brass plug in the tip, some do some don't. Is this plug for increasing swing weight? Seams like a weird place for additional weight inside hosel. Funny thing its in some irons but not all in same set. I have found about 6 of these plugs in 4 sets of clubs. At first i thought it was to reinforce tip. With weight and placement thereof being so much talked about with new clubs designs, I am really curious what these plugs are for.
  11. I hear that especially because mizuno changes clubs as they go up. Wedges are different then lower irons. I love my jpx919 so much so that I ordered both the sand and lob wedges.
  12. To each his own. My time my money, but really no money but cost of a gallon of acid and some sanding supplies. Its like therapy to me to tinker in my garage. The first set of clubs I worked on where my callaway rogue cf18 irons. They where in New condition so all I did is wet sad them to dull down chrome to a nice satin finish. Some of these old forged mizunos I am working on are seriously banged up. I cannot get all dings out without removing to much steel. So I strip them in mutiatic acid to get chrome off then sand the layer of nickel to get nice smooth satin nickel f
  13. I have been playing for 21 years. Never played anything but driver and irons. Recently really got the bug and started playing more regularly and seriously. I got rid of old clubs with 3 and 4 iron. So first fairway wood i added was Mavrik 3w, I hit it 230-250, seriously I use this off tee quite a bit. It's easier for me to shape shot. I liked mavrik 3 so much I ordered a 5w, 220-240, love it. Loved that so much got the Mavrik 7w 200-220 ,this club really fills gap for me. I never been a fan of hybrids, just cannot stand the look. Besides my 3,5 and 7w all are usable off t
  14. I currently have 4 sets of muzunos. Mp-100 centenial edition Mp-25 Mp-59 And a newer set of JPX-919 5-lw. My current players.
  15. I do not keep clubs long enough to really beat them up too bad. I do take care of them. Clean and polish them while watching TV at night. I also buy a ton of clubs. Clean them up and sell them. I am currently chrome stripping a set of.mizuno mp-59's. They where are scratched and dinged up. Chrome looks like he'll when its all beat up so I acid dipped them, wire brushed, sanded with 400,800 and 1000 grit belt sander. Polished up on buffing wheel then hand polished. See pic after dip and almost finished sanding.
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