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  1. Still jealous - haven't had anything today with winter weather lockdown...
  2. I figured it out all set
  3. Check out Early Retirement forum lots of good tips on bridging health care until Medicare
  4. Ah Scotland - my wife and would retire there tomorrow if they would take us. Our daughter is a graduand of the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow and we will be there next spring for her wedding reception. I will waive as I go past West Lothian when I sneak out for a round at the Old Course
  5. Heading to the lounge for a My Father le Bijou 1922
  6. somewhat similar situation - my skills are deep but narrow I’m lucky in that one of my playing partners just retired and so did my brother, and I’ve also become a regular with a good group of guys at a local cigar lounge many of whom are retired or work flex schedules. I’m also very happy to fish or golf or do solo activities thank you for sharing that
  7. Thanks for the replies. addressing a couple things - I’m fully vested for lifetime medical coverage (and so is my wife through her job) - so that double stacked coverage removes a big “what if” that a lot of retirees need to worry about Regarding money - suffice it to say that I would have more if I worked than if I retire. I’m a frequent poster of FIRE forums (financial independence) FWIW I’ve lost 6 friends and colleagues aged 54-56 in the last 3 years Just replaced the roof and floors and did a ton of maintenance - that’s a great point Given my field if I leave I likely won’t be able to get back in. My best financial move is to hang on to my current job if I can. If I retire and have to go back to work it will be at a much much lower salary and position i will be retiring both from something and to something - I’m confident in my ability to fill my days. I won’t miss work and I won’t miss 90% of the people or 100% of the issues My current contract ends at age 59; the only question is whether I work until 62 or 59; ain’t no way I will make it to 65 keep those thoughts coming !
  8. Golf and retirement go together like biscuits and gravy so I’m looking for your input I’m reaching a work situation where I have a choice to either dive into a new job or tap out and work on my chipping - the trade offs are obvious - less money vs more time Lots weighing on my mind; including watching some of my older friends having to give up the game but also watching my older siblings get nervous about pinching pennies in retirement So, I ask the Get Off My Lawn crowd - what say you?
  9. Manhattan - Rittenhouse rye, Noilly Prat vermouth, Angostura bitters, 2 cherries, in a shaker and strained.
  10. Late Hour Churchill - magnificent cigar for a special treat Followed by an Olivia Melanio Maduro robusto- solid 90+ cigar
  11. Thanks for this tip - I’ve got 5 dozen on the way (and 2 months to wait to use them)
  12. Hello could I get the Veteran and a Broke 80 badges please ?
  13. Down 28 lbs via Keto; only thing that has ever worked for me
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