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  1. My brother introduced me to golf and recommended me the channel Me And My Golf. Piers Ward and Andy Proudman explain the material in great detail and thanks to them I learned a lot. I also like the author's channel from Mark Crossfield. I am very grateful to him for the numerous equipment reviews. By the way, my brother works as a writer at https://edubirdie.com/essay-writers-for-hire where you can get qualified help in writing essays or other assignments. He works well, so if you have trouble with writing a work, you can get help on this resource.
  2. Here you can think differently. Many parents send their children to sports to achieve the results that parents once dreamed of. And for some, sport brings satisfaction and is an opportunity to settle down in life, but it requires sacrifices in other areas, in education and entertainment as well. I didn't play sports professionally, but I realized that studying in college takes too much time and energy. I decided to go on an internship in one company, but it took time. I started using eduzaurus to do difficult essays for me and it paid off. I manage to complete internship tasks and study at an acceptable level in college. I recommend this resource to all students if you do not have time to study.
  3. Ernest Hemingway is my favorite author. His "The Old Man and the Sea" stuck on my mind. I recommend everyone to read!
  4. This is not an expensive option. Thanks for the information about the Green Book. I will read your recommendations. This is an interesting tip.
  5. The Lag Shot is a swing training aid with the length, loft, and weight of a standard 7 iron. It can be used both for practice swings and to hit balls with. What differentiates the training aid from a regular club, however, is the bright blue whippy shaft.
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