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  1. Taylormade has their Spider Tour Black Double Bend half off right now ($199)...That usually doesn't happen...is there something wrong with this putter before I throw $200 at it?

    I'd be going from a single bend blade putter, but still stand over the ball...does the Spider "double bend" change the setup drastically?

  2. TXG, Shiels, Crossfield, for club/ball reviews...

    Shiels as well as Andy & Pearce at Me and My Golf for instructional vids.

    They all help in a round about way.

    I love the vids where Shiels, Pete Finch, Andy and Pearce put out playing golf together too...nice to see that all of these guys actually communicate.

  3. I started using the Bridgestone last year. The E12 Soft (for under 105 mph swing) tend to fly nice and straight for me, but the Speed (over 105 mph)tend to fly a little further, albeit with less accuracy.

    The Vice balls are pretty popular right now as well, and are gaining alot of screen time and reviews online.

  4. I appreciate all of the responses, they send me in the correct direction.

    I'm not the second coming of Tiger, nor am I going to be, so I think the set Gap (A) wedge is the way to go for me. The 8-AW are all spaced out by 5° each, so I will order a 1° weaker 54° and 60° Vokeys. Ill make sure to visit the website to find out the correct bounces to order and choose any special characteristics.

    I knew asking here would set me on the correct path.

    Thanks guys!

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  5. Hey guys and gals.

    First post, and this forum is the reason for purchasing my TM P790s...so thank you, they hit like butter!

    Now I need a set of GOOD wedges..

    I got the set of 2019 P790s, 4-PW. My PW is 45°. There is an "A" wedge 50° option for the 790 set that I'm contemplating getting, and then a 54 & 58...either Vokeys or TM wedges. 

    The other option, is skip the 790 wedge, and jump with Vokeys or TM wedges in the 52°, 56°, 60°.


    ...and which wedge would you guys suggest, Vokeys or TMs?


    Thanks in advance!

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