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  1. called my fitter Wednesday march 31st he said they were due to be delivered the same day, he said they were gonna call me to pick them up and still no news so far ( I think he said that to shut me up more than anything but are due this week or next week) I asked also for my friend and he was supposed to get them April 15th. I ordered them on February 19th but the guy probably entered the order at ping on 22th, my friend was 25th. around 6-7 week to receive them...
  2. I understand it because we all collect a bunch of weird stuff in a way or keep old stuff that should be sold or thrown into the garbage. My main concern about collecting putter for me is like collecting ferrari, I wish I had the money to do it...
  3. If you plan to improve in the next 6 month swing speed wise, tell the fitter so he can fit you for the future if you are in between 2 stiffness. Most irons brand offer decent shaft at no upgrade cost to choose from, ping have like 15 of them or so on my fitting paper he gave me, I really doubt that you won't get very good result with one of those, might not be the optimal one but will probably be close. As for the driver, some driver offer up to 6 different shaft again in some brand at not upcharge. Some brand have shaft made for their equipment (ping) others simply have a standard cheap shaft
  4. My friend that have a swing speed of 105-110 mph on drive got fitted for one, he had a little amount of time after his iron fitting to get fit for a driver, he tried the sim2 and ping g 425 max, he didn't have time for another one but the dispersion of the g425 max was very similar for him than the test result in the chart from "mgs", basically all over the place, mostly within the fairway with a few here and there left and right. Same for sim2, he seemed to draw more with it, just like the chart... I am going back with him to try a callaway epic max LS for sure, the dispersion is so tight wit
  5. I have a 410 SFT version same shaft, shaft took me a bunch of hit before getting used to it, was using a stiff flex shaft before on all my other driver, took me some adjustment and it was weird at the beginning but now hitting it well and I'm satisfied with it. My swing speed keep increasing so I might have to get another stiff flex shaft soon enough but it's another story... I know other people who play the 410 plus and have good result and good comment on it. If you feel comfortable with the stiffness of the shaft, I think its a good buy. But try that specific shaft for sure before
  6. slow motion video is generally the way to go, just have a fiend to take a video of a few swing, bring it to slow motion and compare. I have the same problem when I drive indoor at my friend's house, I tend to have my shoulder at same height to avoid hitting wall and ceiling when driving inside instead of having them like it should be. Also outside I move the ball a little more forward than inside, again to avoid contact with the wall and ceiling. It change my angle of attack and ALSO for some reason allow me to hit the ball more in the center of the club face. When I drive outside, I rare
  7. It should, on most test I've seen the ping come a little shorter than other brand, but again ping shaft is shorter which help in dispersion normally, I got myself a ping 410 SFT, should help me hit the fairway more often, I know it hit shorter but when I can find my ball after my drive its a bonus. In the end I save more on ball in a year that compensate for the driver anyway
  8. I would recommend you to go get fitted as other members said before. It generally cost around 50$ and you will get tons of information regarding your swing that might help you out looking for another set. Will explain how my fitting went so it could help you out. Shaft, have them try 4-5 different shaft if needed. For me, I am in between regular and stiff for my current swing speed, both could do the job, of course there is always a better option. we tried mainly 5 shaft, regular Awt2.0 and stiff Awt2.0, same with KBS tour regular and stiff and stiff elevate 95g, I ended up with elevate 9
  9. Yeah that guy can't play standard club, actually he could but not as effective as the one he play now, he is nothing but standard.
  10. have fun with the decision, always easier when you have a clear winner. Would hit another session with both, if you're numbers are the same, go with the tsi3, all your hit are perfect compared to the cobra where you are a little high on the face. If money is an issue, go with cobra if it's cheaper. (normally is but...) Also when I look at the trajectory of your shot, Tsi3 seems a little bit better but again the sample size are not the same.
  11. If not I would check golf facebook group or message board for some user selling drivers below the resale value of globalgolf, callaway or 2nd swing.
  12. Same here, 1 inch shorter shaft than some other driver out there the ping didn't seem to find the fairway as much as I could have expected. Lets be honest for me it won't change anything cause I'm coming back to golf after 10 years and I was a big slicer, now I still have a manageable slice and best option for me at the moment is the PING SFT, will try the cobra Xtreme Draw too but I doubt it will offer the same result as ping. The raw data put the Ping SFT way ahead of other brand in term of slice killer. A friend of mine hit the sim2 and ping g425 max on a fitting day and ping was better for
  13. Well maybe little update from my own fitting that might help you out. It was on Friday, arrive there, told him at the beginning that I wanted to try one length irons, he said, ok but expect them to be beat by pretty much other brand on the numbers, I said well ok, you are the fitter, so we start and BOOM, no left handed one length head available for fitting solved that problem. Anyway he told me that he sold one in the last 200 fitting, first because a lots of people don't want them and second because they fit more a specific kind of player. Anyway started the fitting with my own 7 iron. hitt
  14. Well Rick shiels then to hide his club head speed when he test lately, he used to swing at 105 to 110 which is still stiff to my poor knowledge. Rick Shiels was testing the club and got 153 ball speed from the test. Micheal Newton did the test and he got 111 clubhead speed and 161 ball speed A guy from TGW got 98.8 clubhead speed and 146 ball speed A quick simple math without any advanced calculation means that Rick Shiels was hitting around 104 mp/h... AS for the other guy in the video clubhead speed at 110... more a x stiff for sure. I also saw saw another post
  15. I'm happy to see someone is in the same boat as me, hopefully you will find something good yourself. Just hit around a 100 balls today playing on a simulator and shanked like 5 shot on a sand wedge, hopefully I won't hit like that tomorrow during the fitting, Also you have some option that I don't seem to have myself, direct to consumer company (most of them are US base and don't ship to canada. Just like the other poster before me, the sub70 739 are at a very good price for sure, the closest set I could find around that price in canada would be the Cobra F max a SGI or a used set from 2-3 yea
  16. Tell your wife I have been researching for 2 month now... I am getting fit tomorrow afternoon, been playing inside on a optishot 2 to try to get as close as I can to a normal swing ( stop playing 10 years ago and surprisingly, you tube video and help from a few friend made me improve my game a lot even if its on a screen) I never have been fitted before it will be my first time. I think, just like anyone who said it before, it's the way to go. And hopefully you get a good one What I have found over my 2 month research on a lot of product, website, forums etc... it's basically common
  17. Marketing 101! I think best fitting would be a best of both world, human AND computer. The Data never lie but a computer never have a gut feeling either. Most options for electronic fittings would cost too much for what they can get in return. You need the best data possible to be able to fit and sadly lower cost equipement simply dont deliver for now
  18. Loft for 5 to GW on wilson staff D7: 22/25/28/33/38/43/48 D9: 21/24/27/32/37/42/47 I'm looking into these for sure, only drawback where I live is that wilson staff irons are hard to resell
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