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  1. On 8/10/2021 at 9:50 AM, MNUte said:

    I don't like some of the personalities at my local one (one guy didn't know where the Cleveland and Srixons were because he focused on the "real" brands and said anyone who plays Cleveland HB Launchers shouldn't be on the course

    Never heard of that one before hahaha, definitively beat that guy who said I had a little fade... a 80 yards fade. As for the HB launcher, they have a bad reputation cause they don't look like  a standard blade... they get the job done and tons of weekend players would benefit from them but they don't look like a blade...

    Love those retail golf store worker say those thing, they just deserve you try all your club at their place and order it from a pro

  2. Was already looking for a little more spin for me so I was gonna buy Bridgestone XS for me and prov1 and some bridgestone RX to retry them see if I still could hold green with them...

    After the test I still bought the XS, RX but decided to try some Z star instead of pro v1, similar stats but like half price used for me where I live. 

    after an awful day playing I've come to the conclusion that no matter what ball I would have used today, I would still have played badly

    gonna retest this week

  3. On 8/10/2021 at 7:13 AM, Riverboat said:


    Final thought... My driver swing speed is mid 90s, and I've done innumerable side by side comparisons.  For my swing and my equipment, low compression balls are longer overall and react the way I want around the greens and, most importantly, yield lower scores. 


    Can't attack cause I've come to the same result in the last 3 month, I've had a swing speed of around 95 at the start of the season, tried so many different balls, all my better drive out there are with the cheapest crappy ball you can get Wilson Staff elite 50, the ball is so expensive that it's only sold in pack of 24 for like 24$. 50 compression, last game lost one in the river at 300 yards dead straight (extremley hot and humid, fairway hard as rock, 5mph backwind, optimal condition for huge numbers (I use Arccos)), was happy to lose it at that distance.. for me the short game is way more consistent with those ball than most other harder model out there, yes the prov1 work very well too, as anyone would expect from a 4$ ball. I often outdrive my friend that have a faster swing speed than me and he is mad as hell when he see me play those ball... he often game bridgestone BX and I think his swing speed is not as good as it used to be to play those anymore... he tried softer compression ball on his drive and for some weird reason he got better result, maybe just luck not so sure...

    Yes the harder is the better but we might see in the test soon enough that lower compression ball can often do a good job for slower swing speed player in specific temperature.

    P.S. my swing speed might be around 100 at the moment, cant really test it for now, will go back on a gcquad at the end of the season to get refitted


  4. On 7/18/2021 at 7:54 PM, drb1956 said:

    Try the Ping g410 SFT. Its a real slice buster. I mean you will still slice, if your swing is that bad, but this driver has kept me in the fairway a lot more than I give it credit for. My swing is a little inconsistent, but I am on the fairway a lot more. It will give you good distance too. I'm an 80 mph swinger, but I drove a par 4, 240 yds. to 11 ft. from the pin today with a Maxfli Softfli on the tee.. Get the right shaft for you on this driver, and you should be good to go...also, find you a ball that doesn't spin so much off the driver. The spin that helps around the green rears it ugly head off the tee when you least expect it.

    Was a big slicer too, got that one, golf have been much more fun lately when you can actually find your ball after the drive, my golf game been improving a lot this year, so much that even when I play another driver now I almost don't slice, maybe ¼ of what I used too slice. I even draw the ball, sometimes EVEN when I want to! shaft is a regular Alta and I play it at 10.5 loft. At 9, I was a little more inconsistent.

    Ball sadly also help, I tend to drive better with 1$ ball than higher end ball because they generally dont spin much. I played bridgestone XS, tons of stopping power on irons but a bad hit on driver and the ball is generally in worse position than other ball

  5. I tried a hybrid 2-3 fly-z if I remember correctly from cobra, didn't hit him consistent enough, sold it at the beginning of the year, My swing speed is nowhere near yours so might work for you but for me longer shaft tend to not do well for some player. I game a cobra F-8 5 wood downlofted to 17 degre, According to my arccos, driving average is 245, 5 wood is 208, depend where I play but I rarely need to do more than 210 with the 5 wood, could probably push my average around 215 with it but it's not needed for me at the moment. I strongly would recommend to get fit by a good pro for that "gap" in your bag. Been playing around 3wood, 5 wood, hybrid 2-3, hybrid 4 lately and I ended up with 5wood and hybrid 4, got around 10 yards gap in between the 2


  6. SGI, GI Player's distance irons, blade, player's irons, the golf OEM decide in which one their irons set belong...

    A Ping GI could be a Mizuno player's distance... I would simply try a bunch of them first for the feel / look then would get fitted.

    I think cobra F9 are Game improvement if I remember correctly, the Super game improvement are F-max.

    I wouldn't really mind about the loft either and distance but more about the ability to hold green and distance consistency. I would hit bad shot also while getting fitted ON PURPOSE to see how they behave.

    I play ping G425, everyone know when they hit a bad shot, I tend to be a little vocal about it when I do and half the time my ball end up very close to my target, my golf partner often tell me to shut the *** ** because my ball ended on the green, I didn't had a good height, wasn't a well struck ball but it still ended in a good place. Make sure the irons you get, whatever the category you try, that they still offer you some of that forgiveness from a GI / SGI.

    If you like the Cobra king tour with MIM tech then by any means, get fit for those if you want, these are very good irons, great reviews overall including mygolfspy.





  7. 22 hours ago, John W said:

    I have been trying the clubs demo G425sft and talked the pro into letting me "demo" for the league round. Long story short, I was blown away. I was regularly in the same area that my driver (G410) puts me. Bottom line is I'm buying but going to have to try and talk the pro into selling it to me as lead times at Ping are like 12weeks. I'd love to have it for the World Amateur event in Myrtle Beach. Bigger problem (and more expensive) is whether I should hit the 425 Driver to see if I pick up similar distance. Again, I was blown away with the performance of the G425sft and was in places I would never get my current gamer to.


    For the driver:

    SFT = Straight flight tech = anti slice generally... I game the 410 SFT and I tried to 425 SFT, very similar for both, swing weight is the same, might still have some store with the410 or 425 lying around so you can try them on the hitting bay. The SFT is just a weight on the inside of the heel to help you square more the face to avoid slice. You can get mixed result with a g425 max with the weight into the draw position.

    Never tried the 3 wood but I heard good comment on them. (3 wood isn't for me, I play a 5 wood) MAYBE that 3 wood would work but I doubt it.




  8. 24 minutes ago, bwarren2 said:

    It’s an option for sure. My question in 2nd used irons, is how would I know which ones are the best for him? I don’t know if a place to get him fitted with used clubs. Other than looking at 2019, 2020 most wanted recs. Any suggestions are welcome

    I had a similar trouble when I tried to equip my Girlfriend's kid for golf(he is 14 and weight like 70 pounds), I ended up with kid's club instead of junior club or senior club for him because it was the best option at the moment. My friend's kid receive my old Di7 wilson staff stiff flex but he can't lift the ball with them because his swing speed isn't high enough. He got donated (cause it's worth nothing) a full set of founders club's graphite shaft, no flex on the club but they are soft regular when I tested them...  It will last him a few years until his swing speed increase (He is 15 and swing at around 80-83 with a driver). He hit them quite well honestly for something 10 years+ old.

    I'm from Canada / Quebec / Montreal so knowledge of good fitter is impossible for me in your area.

    I know 2nd swing normally could offer you some decent service in the used club, but on the east cost I think they are only located in Maryland and Delaware. I would give them a call before moving there for sure. You can also check price on their website so you know what to expect. Used golf club aren't that cheaper sometimes.

    I know a lot of people that goes to the USA from Canada end up being fitted in PGA superstore / golf galaxy in Myrtle beach since they can generally get huge deal on left handed club most of the time (before pandemic). Fitting service varies from one guy to the other but generally it's not a problem since they all know their spec and just play dumb when getting fit. They usually end up bringing 1 or 2 irons set from down south every year to resell them in Canada.

    If you can give us more info about the person, Height, Weight, swing speed, this would help us more to give you something more specific. Won't be perfect like a fitter but can point you in the right direction.


  9. I'd go get fit for sure, if he doesn't have anything unusual, I'd go second hand for the next 2-5 years on the irons. You could save a lots of money on irons than you can put toward a more recent driver. Again second hand. Then when he is fully grown, it's where I would invest my money. Irons can last him decades these day.

    If you don't want second hand, make sure when he get fitted that the club can growth with him. A good fitter will normally recommend you something for around 5 years and more for him. Ping could be a good solution as they can adjust the lie angle more than 1.5 degree if needed if he change a lot in the next few years. Other companies normally can go to up 1.5 degree on the lie, adding extension is not recommended so:

    If he is still growing and didn't peak yet, definitively go second hand for sure especially if he is already 6 feet tall. This is around that height that generally you start seeing + ½ inch club length and different lie angle depending on arm length.

    If not you can do the math yourself before going to get fit.


    also if going second hand and he is in between 2 stiffness, always go for the softest of the 2.



  10. The arccos sensor are photosensitive so yeah you might want to clean the specific club in question if it misses a lot of shot. Also playing very fast seems to be missing some shot for me... ( take club out of bag, then hit the ball under 10-15 second seems to be problematic especially if I tend to leave the sensor close to my body or when I play in darker condition)

    Also my longer club hybrid, 5 wood, driver with screw in sensor seems to get a little more dirty than my ping g425 with sensor in the grip. 0 trouble on my wedge so far.

    I had that trouble maybe once every 2 game where I have one missed shot. Last game it missed my 7 iron 2nd shot so my drive was 379 yards... added a putt on my score to reflect the missed shot but it does mess around a bit with my driving numbers.

    As for the putter I have to adjust then manually to make sure they are accurate. If, I play alone, I pretty much always have the right amount of putt, when playing and waiting on other people to put, moving around sometimes record me some random shot.

    Just like searching bushes with a club to find someone else ball will generally record you a shot. When they need help, just say: I can't I have arccos sensor!


  11. Been playing public golf course, often taking a random start in the afternoon paired with some other player, I can often see bad equipment choice along those players. I recently restarted golf after 10 years or so and before the season I read pretty much every website available, checked tons of video out there, got fitted with my new equipment. The biggest reason for bad equipment choice is money from what I can see. They buy used golf club, older, in rebate drivers, have no clue about their distance with each club, often have 2 club that does the same distance. Those players are recreative golfers and they won't last more than 2 seasons because their game cannot improve without driving range time, bad equipment will prevent them from surviving some clubs/shot, playing tons of different ball a round will make them miss even more shot because each ball doesn't behave the same. They will leave golf soon enough because they wanted to save "money".

    I used to lose from 6 to 12 ball a round 10 years ago depending on course and wind. I bough a SFT ping g410 driver for 500$ and now I lose 2-3 ball a round. After a year with my new driver, the driver will pay for himself just by not losing ball.

    I often see kids(young adults) with their grandpa blades and driver because they were free. They can't drive for sure with those thing and when they get to the blades, they don't have any consistent swing and strike location to be able to play those. Sometimes when I see some of them slice the ball like hell, I take out 2 pinnacle Gold from my bag, lend them my driver and let them hit with it on a hole. They are like, wow I almost didn't slice the ball, then I tell them to go get fit...

    Then the second kind of players I see are the "need to look good players"

    They have sometimes:

    -flashy club/bags

    -expensive brand or rare brand in Canada

    -Value of the cloth they are wearing is more than the one of all their clubs.

    -have 18 clubs in their bags.

    few exemple of people I got paired with:

    a guy was playing PXG club gen 3 irons I think they were, nice looking club, he could resell the club full price cause he cant strike the ball near the center. But hey people stop when they see his club in the bag... 120+ stroke player for sure.

    I asian guy with Miura blades, he yelled for like 40 times during his round.

    One guy with a yellow cobra cart bag that you can see miles away, with at least 19-20 clubs in the bags, 2 drivers, wood 3-5, driving iron, 3 to PW, 4-5 wedges and only 1 putter! he was actually a decent player, he had one club for every single situation in the game for sure. I straight driver, 1 slice driver, he actually did well on all of his drive, even the 2 dog leg on the course. Good chap, counting all his stroke, playing where the ball landed but still didn't get the memo about the number of club.

    I do not care about the number of club you play or if you move your ball because you don't want to destroy your 200$ iron from the car path or near a tree, that you take 12 mulligans but don't brag about your score after the round.

    Those players could have benefit from a session for a fitting, PXG guy could have used the GI irons from PXG instead, the miura blade guy could probably have used SGI and the cobra guy could simply have removed 4-5 club without really changing much in his game. BUt EGO get in the way for sure








  12. When you compare to a brand new hybrid which is around 250$, it's a good price for sure, but yes hybrid used to be on sale quickly because they aren't played as much as they should be. And since the tech doesn't seems to improve much over the year and people don't tend to use them often either, lots of us seek lower price deal. I wouldn't be surprised to see that club at 100$ at the end of the year...

  13. On 6/1/2021 at 1:38 PM, Grit Golf said:

    At $150 all-in, it's a crazy bargain:

    I recently changed my old NICKENT yes NICKENT hybrid (2 week ago), I was looking for an hybrid around 21-22 degree, price was an issue for me, was looking around the 150$ range or so, Halo was one of the contender, was a little high priced at that moment and they ended up not having a regular shaft left handed one so ended up with a taylormade m4, couldn't test the club so it was basically a blind eye purchase. Went with the taylormade because of the resale value only. Much easier to resale a Taylormade club to a guy that don't know anything about golf. Cleveland is like unknow by half the new player out there. If tiger don't play it, it's no good! If I can't hit the m4 well enough will give the halo a shot for sure out there, will lose like 20$ on the hybrid if I resale it anyway.

  14. that make sense, I had a similar conclusion when I spent more time comparing the two ball, not sure if I want more consistent ball with really few bad one or less consistent with no bad ball or so. Cause as a user, I have no way to single out those bad ball. Of course I'm gonna end up playing something else than those two balls but eventually it might come down to those stats.


  15. yeah was wondering the same too, I found that the 73 was a little low on the rating, don't know the rating system they are using but I would assume that a 50$ ball that don't have any major defect this time would have gotten a rating around 80 or so. Still wouldn't game the ball since I tend to buy used ball and last batch of chrome was awful. 

    Would love to see the rating system explained in detail to reach that number, maybe it's legit, maybe it's bias toward callaway, we can't know until we see the math in general behind the rating. Maybe the rating is related to the price, who knows. 

    after further review on the stat, seems to be a compression consistency problem. it score fair for the chrome vs good for the cut.


    I used paintbrush quickly added line around 97.5 and 102.5 to see how many would fall within the parameter.

    Chrome have 1 way off, 4 others that could be considered problematic.

    Cut have 3 that could be considered problematic.

    if you use the median, cut have 10-11 that touch the median, chrome have 13-14 that touch the median...

    Looking at the 2 graph for compression, cut seems better by a small margin... For 3 pts compression, chrome look a little better than cut cause Cut DC got 2 way off out there. Just looking at those stats, both are quite similar, one is worth 50$for a dozen, other is 30$



    The more I think, the more the rating is including the price of the ball in the calculation. You would expect more from 50$ / dozen ball for sure

  16. Well from a pure mathematical approach Stroke gained seems the way to go now. I consider that stats to be like the equivalent of .WHIP for pitcher or .OPS for batter  in baseball. For non baseball fan, WHIP = walk + hit per innings pitch, basically tell me how many players the pitcher put on base every innings and OPS = on base percentage + slugging.

    Stroke gained seems to be a combination of a few stats that can give you a good head start when looking for decent clubs / analyze how you play.

    On my arccos they use that stats to "caddie" me. If often suggest me a club that I can't even reach the green distance wise but will fall short in front, will chip and putt instead of trying to land on the green in regulation and miss the green and be in trouble. I see if I use my 52 I have a stoke gained of -0.2 and if I use my underwedge I have a stroke gained of -0.4.

  17. 17 hours ago, BMart519 said:

    Test balls on course, use the one that works best for you. If you want to use this testing to find some test candidates, that is about the extent I would use it for. I play Bridgestone because in my unscientific testing they appear to fly farther and straighter (especially in the wind) off the club of this bogey golfer than Titleist (with slightly less spin). I seem to score best with B XS due to better greenside control and stopping power, but after my last round hitting the BX 10-20 yards farther, that needs another look.

    Yeah I played a Bridgestone XS for the last 2 round (could consider actually 3-4 round since I played a 3 ball best ball round alone last week. Been toying around with different ball but the XS stopping power is incredible, so incredible that my game was off by a few yards every time. It would roll at least half the distance than most ball I played out there this year. Finding and fixing my green mark was easy, 2-3 feet away from my ball on approach shot.

    Drive I had trouble hitting the fairways, distance wise it was not very far. I had a little off day but the ball seemed harder to control on drive.

    Last game I played some cheap wilson staff elite 50 compression (24 balls for like 20$) and my drive was like 15 yards farther, I know I had a better driving day but 15 yards on average... for half the price and less stopping power... Can't wait to try them again see if my number are the same.

    WIll try the BX next round for sure

  18. Was gonna suggest you bridgestone Rx, could give you similar result, didn't try yet the XS version so can't tell you about it yet. Next time I hit the store I will get RXS XS and X version to try them out. But most consensus is that the XS version don't spin much more than the X version to a point it would change something drastically. Well not for me anyway.

  19. On 5/24/2021 at 10:47 AM, DechamBRO said:

    I was planning on getting the wedges as well, one length snake bite. was thinking 5-GW, 52, 56, 60.....with how i hit the 5 iron i don't think i would need anything between it and my standard length speedzone 3 hybrid. I could always get the one lengths and let my son use them if they don't work on the course for me 🙂 First world problems. 

    Yeah will do the same if my step son like golf, when he will grow up I will get myself a set of one length regular flex and try them and unload them to him. At the moment he like driving the cart, hitting the driver and red ball / red bag, red polo, basically anything red


  20. 22 hours ago, russtopherb said:

    A friend of mind just got a whole set of 425s, I'll have to check in with him to see how they're working out. He only started golfing maybe 2 years ago and has fallen in love with the game. I'd ask if I could try them out, only he's a good 6" taller than I am and they're built to his specs. 

    I have the Ping G425, when I got fitted, they were by far superior to the sim 2 max, Tried the Mizuno JPX and they were good too, Feeling was similar to me but I could say that Mizuno was a little bit better, wasn't hitting them as well as the ping and of course I know why now, the Mizuno I tried was standard lie and I play 2 upright so in the end I was 3 degree off since Mizuno are flatter than other brand. Price was my main concern + ping offer lie change when you ship them back which I might need to do since I've been playing around with my swing. A friend tried them ( he bought mp20 from Mizuno this year, was playing with some Titleist before, basically way better player than I will ever be, handicap around 5) he was surprised with the feel, didn't like the size of the GI iron but was to be expected. He hit those a little farther than his current gamer quite straight even with the more upright. I saw a lots of players with those this years until ping got so many orders that they can't keep up. No one fit those irons anymore since its 2 month + delay, callaway are around 1 - 2 week.

  21. I got a cobra f8 5 wood brand new this year with Aldila nv shaft, does the job for the price I paid for sure, even got cobra connect on it to pair with my arccos, Previously played some cleveland wood, was hitting them well but the feel on the cobra is better, also the price I got it, hard to beat. Still miss some shot but that's the guy not the stick.

    Strongly advise you to go adjustable 4-5 wood on the market. I play my 5 wood at 17 degree.

    Cobra tend to be a little cheaper but any brand used from 2-3 years ago should do the job


  22. Common trouble with One length start usually around the 6 irons up to 4 irons, those will generally hit only a few yards apart for most players so they sell the set with hybrid in general to compensate for that. I wanted one length at my fitting but the fitter said it wouldn't be for me. A high swing speed is generally required those to be more effective. The fitter is a conventional guy for sure, he also know what is better from a year to another so in the end, he often goes for the best product in general. For me it ended up being ping, for the guy after me, he even went on the shelves to unwrap a cobra T-rail 7 iron to try for the fitting, god knows that most players don't want to play with those... but if its better for the player, it's better... so I trust the fitter.

    As for PW,SW you tend to hit those so high that spin doesn't really matter anymore.

    As for gapping, people need to be able to gap between their wedges and their one length set, which generally require a 3rd or 4th wedge for some players.

    slower swing speed players need 2 one length hybrid or another wood in their bag to compensate the 150 yards + gap, their 5 irons will lack stopping power on the green.

    I'm not sure about the shaft, maybe a true temper elevate shaft could increase the height of the shot and help people with that.

    Will definitively gonna get one of those set for sure one day. my main problem is that I don't have standard spec so getting one used will be harder.

    I'm 2 upright, lefty, with a low launch


  23. I'd say get both, trying to adjust your swing is the long term solution if you take the time to do it. Getting a ping SFT would generally do the job. I had a 40-80 yards slice before, I got a PING SFT and I generally don't lose my ball anymore. Yes I still had to work on my swing cause at one point I was drawing the ball with all the adjustment I made, last game I missed one drive, 20 yards slice or so while not aiming at the right spot at the start and trying to swing harder (lesson learned), ended up on the edge of the other fairway, nothing bad but it was the worst shot I did. That 600$ on the driver gave me the possibility to play golf normally, If I take my 2 old driver, my worst one I still hit them 30 yards + slice, the other one could be considered a strong fade at the most.

  24. Decreasing the loft don't change much in the end gapping would generally be the same or similar but with a different club. The gapping might start to be a problem in between your last club of the set to your first wedge. If you go retro loft spec, that would be around 2 degree weaker than on standard, power spec is 0.5 degree stronger.

    General set are from 4-5 to underwedge in ping. Underwedge is 50, retro loft is 52, power loft is 49.5. I personally have a little gapping problem at the moment between my U and my 56, I game ping G425 which is 49.5 as standard. My first wedge is a 56, gonna remove one hybrid to try back my 52 see how it goes. My current shaft are elevate 95 stiff, I hit my underwedge at around 115 yards and my 56 is around 94, gives me a 20 yards gap and I'm not good enough player to be able to control my underwedge to hit it around 100 easily... 

    As for the wedge shaft, you shouldn't see that much of a difference compared to the shaft you have mentioned. I have a friend that game AWT 2.0 stiff compared to his CBX2 wedge and he said that was not that big of a difference, as for me, Elevate vs my cbx2 wedge, I see a big difference in swing.


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