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  1. Yeh this sux! Been a Hogan iron player nearly my whole life. 58 yrs old, bought the FT.Worth black irons three years ago and still love them! I like the feel better than the ICON I tested last year. I have had Hogan Red Line, Mizunos, Cleveland TA, Titleist MB….. Hogans my fave feel, although I must say the Titleist is a close second.
  2. Circus …… that’s hilarious, first I have seen that one!
  3. I ... in the exact same boat last winter. I played HOGAN APEX my whole life up until 2000. At 55 years old (hndcp 2), Was swinging Titleist MB with Ctaper 125S+. Loved them HOWEVER.... I had to swing aggressive to feel them which I always have but by hole 14 , now I was getting tired!! So without fitting unfortunately, I thought to myself I am going to try a lighter shaft so I bought the Hogan ft.worth black, 1 degree flat, with the KBS TOUR V STIFF, 110 g. GORGEOUS CLUBS!! Pros: I can play 36 a day again!! 4,5,6 irons have longer down range carry . CONS: had to change my swing to a longer, much smoother transition . Tend to balloon a bit when I get and want to get, aggressive. I could hit laser like bullets with the Ctaper , not these, totally different feel . Just have to trust the smooth swing and they are fine. But that goes against my nature , so it’s a trade off.
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