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  1. I seriously feel like even if it is a small percentage its still a percentage and in this day and age it seriously only takes one bad apple TBH and everyone is the judge, jury, and executioner they will condemn the hell out of it and like i said in the other reply if one tour pro feels like his game is tampered with in any way it becomes national news phil has said previously that the direction of certain types of grass grow in a general direction and it changes the ball flight and the type of shot he hits to compensate for that slight difference and dont even get me started on Bryson all it t
  2. I dont think it changes to much for the average golfer cause they could care less and we will find a ball in the trees and play it like it was brand new i think its more on a tour level aspect and what they expect i mean the slightest off center hit changes the entire rotation of a ball and if the ball is already defective it will only exacerbate the problem and as consumers if pros lose confidence in a product so does the average joe because they want to play what the pros play
  3. Just saw a post about this on IG as well. Maybe callaways claim isn't marketing?? It's not good for titelist, especially when other independent reviewers find multiple balls that are off center. They may say they have the best quality control in the game, but the results speak for themselves. Im sure with them charging what they do for their balls, they could do a better job of rejecting an off center ball. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKfNColliBe/?igshid=1o26x72o0ktwc
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