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  1. I have never owned mizuno but want them. I want hmbs. I am 73 and want a shaft to really help me make up for poor distance but have been warned away from senior shafts. How many clubs should I get and please help with a 85 driver max swing speed.
  2. I have played in tournaments for many years and have found that the same group will always win. Sorry, there is so way around it. Adjust to make it a little bit fairer but you will find some people are just better and/or work on their handicap and you just have to accept that. Play for the fun of it.
  3. I have a set of irons I want but I am 73 and don't have a world of swingspeed(the irons are mizuno hmbs) Can I make some of it up with really good shafts. Swing speed is about 85 with a driver on a good day.
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