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  1. I play the C Taper #7 iron in my wedges, it is soft stepped twice as the PW and 9 iron generally use the same wedge shaft. I hit my 50 gap 108 yds. and my 55 sand wedge 95 yds. That is with my normal 85-90 percent swing. The last thing I want to do is swing my wedge with max effort.
  2. I don’t like either of your choices for wedges. Hit both and both have low kick points and in wedges, that is a no no. Smash factor just hoists the ball higher, not farther...unless you have a tail wind. If you like the Nippon in your irons, the cut weight in stiff is about 97 grams and you will want a cut/finish weight of 107-110 grams in your wedges and mid/high kick point max out your distance. The best wedge shaft for you is going to be a stiff flex 115 gram KBS C Taper #7 iron shaft. IMHO...ha,ha
  3. I have played the T200’s 5-PW since last Spring. They have the AMT r flex shaft and the chrome finish against my black bag and head covers commands attention every-where I go. However, at 72 I am about ready to look at Recoil or some other graphite. So I hit the Hot Metal 921 against my T200’s. The Pro’s are not available to us lefties. I hit 7 irons and the Mizuno with r flex Nippon Neo 950 steel shaft. The distance was identical with the Mizuno flying 5 ft. higher. Direction was also too close to call a winner, but I rarely miss center contact. The Mizuno was the clear winner for fee
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