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  1. I play the C Taper #7 iron in my wedges, it is soft stepped twice as the PW and 9 iron generally use the same wedge shaft. I hit my 50 gap 108 yds. and my 55 sand wedge 95 yds. That is with my normal 85-90 percent swing. The last thing I want to do is swing my wedge with max effort.
  2. I don’t like either of your choices for wedges. Hit both and both have low kick points and in wedges, that is a no no. Smash factor just hoists the ball higher, not farther...unless you have a tail wind. If you like the Nippon in your irons, the cut weight in stiff is about 97 grams and you will want a cut/finish weight of 107-110 grams in your wedges and mid/high kick point max out your distance. The best wedge shaft for you is going to be a stiff flex 115 gram KBS C Taper #7 iron shaft. IMHO...ha,ha
  3. I have played the T200’s 5-PW since last Spring. They have the AMT r flex shaft and the chrome finish against my black bag and head covers commands attention every-where I go. However, at 72 I am about ready to look at Recoil or some other graphite. So I hit the Hot Metal 921 against my T200’s. The Pro’s are not available to us lefties. I hit 7 irons and the Mizuno with r flex Nippon Neo 950 steel shaft. The distance was identical with the Mizuno flying 5 ft. higher. Direction was also too close to call a winner, but I rarely miss center contact. The Mizuno was the clear winner for feel, but only on the few I caught thin. I still felt the thin hit, but was not punished as much as with the Titleist. Amazingly, thin hits ended up with little to no distance loss for both. At this point, I hit the Recoil 460 r shaft in the Mizuno and got 5-7 extra yards with less effort. Even with Pro v1’s, the smoother feel was very noticeable. Summary: Titleist just looks better with less offset and better turf interaction for those who take divots. The Hot Metals had a 1.3 mph higher ball speed, better for players who sweep the ball, more offset esp. long irons, probably more forgiving for 10+ handicap. I am ordering them tomorrow 6-GW with the Recoils...it’s time for me.
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