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  1. Howzit from Cape Town, South Africa. Played a fair amount in high school (back in the 80's), then didn't hit a golf ball for 10 years, walked my previous to last golf course in 1999. Got invited to a golf day in November 2020 and the bug bit again, hard... Went hunting and considering I'd lusted after a set of Ping Eye 2's since high school (my best mate had a BeCu set) found a set locally (I wish I had the 2nd hand resources of the USA, it would cost me a lot less money to kit up). Right now I'm relegated to the driving range, pretty much daily! How long have you been play
  2. I have a full set of Ping Eye 2's, from 1 thro 9, W, S and L.... love them to bits, now if i could find a nice set of BeCu's of the same I'd be teh happiest guy on the planet. I only have a driver and a Ping G20 hybrid in my bag other than the Eye2's.
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