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  1. i believe in bermudagrass the perfect height of cut is 1 3/8 " is just low enough to see the top of the ball thus easier to spot and high enough to have a somewhat negative effect on your golf shot. Frequency of cut is also important during growing season.
  2. Might try Cleveland's new Hywood 3+, 17 degree loft it is claimed to be part hybrid and part fairway wood,I hit it at a demo day and it was impressive as I also have issues with a 3 wood.
  3. at 72 my 5 iron has been gone for quite a while I have Cleveland launcher Xl Halo 4-6 and Srixon ZX4, 7-pw along with my favorite wedges F2 Face Forward. can't shank them !
  4. Go 30 minutes north of West Palm and play PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie ,3 great golf courses and world class practice areas and very affordable.
  5. I completely agree with kazooblue65 concerning golf ball testing with swing speeds under 75 mph,this is a large portion of the golf ball purchasing market.I live in Florida,and this area of swing speed may be the largest segment of the golf ball purchasing market here.Also this could apply to shaft testing as well.
  6. Great question, this is a topic that should be very high on the list of tests as hitting off of present-day mats is not a good experience and can be detrimental to developing a good golf swing.
  7. LEFTY

    1. GolfSpy SAM

      GolfSpy SAM

      Hey there! Just wanted to check in and see if this was meant to be posted somewhere else? Lol - not judging - lots of great lefties on the forum - it’s a safe space. Right @GolfSpy_APH

      🙂 let me know if I can assist with posting the comment somewhere else!

  8. I purchased a Lefty Rogue ST Max 10.5 Driver from Callaway Preowned and it was at my doorstep in less than 48 hours. That is service, thanks to Brian McDufee.
  9. I met them about a year ago at a flea market in south Ocala,fl. Ash is so tiny, she can't be more than 4' 11" tall.
  10. McGolf and mobile clubmaker are good, Stacked Golf is fun, it is a couple in central Fla. that buy golf clubs at flea markets and garage sells.
  11. Spikeless for two decades and Truelinks golf shoe is very comfortable.
  12. 50 yrs. of left-handed golf, for the first 25 years, there were only about three companies that made them in lefty and did not come out with the lefty version for at least 2 years after it was introduced right-handed and only a couple of versions. Fast forward to the last 25 years and the floodgates opened for left-handed golf club manufacturing and we, most of us lefties became golf club junkies and have been on a spending spree for years, I would only guess at least 30 sets of irons and so many more drivers and putters to go with that. Did it help my game, maybe, the story is not done yet as I am headed to Callaway Preowned right after this confession.
  13. My Dr. gave me predisone 20 mg a day for 3 days cleared it up.It was better than the needle and draining it.
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