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  1. My Dr. gave me predisone 20 mg a day for 3 days cleared it up.It was better than the needle and draining it.
  2. There are plenty of public golf course's north of there .West Palm, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, there more affordable but a bit of a drive.
  3. Exactly,it should play as manufacturer stated, if it was tipped at the factory properly. These clubs were put on a frequency machine recently and spece'd out at almost 300CPM's which according to the specialist was stiff not regular so back to Cleveland/Srixon they go.
  4. Has anyone had unusually stiffer shafts when they are fitted as standard regular flex at assembly by club manufacturer,i.e. Cleveland
  5. Does anyone know the gram weight of the standard rear weight that comes with the Stealth HD Driver and overall weight of head ?
  6. I also play the AVX and will try try the Triad.
  7. I have this shaft in Epic flash driver and like it,however I have a 80 mph swing speed so it may not be for faster, stronger swings.
  8. I like a stand bag but use it as a cart bag.Does new 14 way hybrid bags allow clubs to be placed in a cart bag order or do you have to rearrange clubs when using a cart with bottom pouch out on cart ?
  9. I just got back from Edwin Watts in Central Florida and they have the Stealth in their system,the price for the Stealth + is $549.and a little less for the Stealth and about a $100 more with an upgraded shaft.Available 1st of Feb.2022.
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