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  1. Hit the range yesterday and this morning, enjoying my 225 set. Scoring clubs feels great and I'm surprised at the 5 iron, actually hit some great shots at the carry and height I like. I did realize 7 and 6 irons were not going the distance I'm expecting. 7 is definitely shorter compared to the fitting. I'm going to blame myself because this is probably due to me not setting up correctly. I realized my setup and stance is not what it should be with the 225s with the different offset compared to my old callaway rogue x's. I expect to gain more distance as I get used to playing with the 225s more.

    @MWGolf23 Overall looks like I'm going to have average 13~14 yard gapping between clubs which is a first, I always had gapping issues in my bag.

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  2. Finally made some time to get my loft & lies checked on my 225's .... turns out it was a smart thing to do. Loft & lies were all over the place for my clubs and had to be set back to standard. But now everything is fine except for that one misaligned grip on my 8 iron... but I can ignore that. Time to enjoy my new clubs! Can't wait for the weekend to go hit some practice balls and see what my new yardages are with 225s.

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  3. My 5 - Gap 225's are finally shipped! I might see them this weekend, can't wait to start hitting them.


    Clubs made it to the house today! Mizuno Pro 225 sure does look good in my hands, just need to have the loft and lies checked and go hit them!

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  4. Played them today and I think these are pretty good balls for my current game and swing speed. Didn't really lose any distance on my long or full shots and short shots were not an issue, if there was any it would have been my bad short game. I was worried about durability but, it held up 16 holes without any issues. Very little scuff marks or damage to the "hybrid cover" or non-urethane cover even though I hit a few trees head on.

  5. I was surfing Costco today looking for Kirkland signature golf balls... and Boom found these Callaway Hex tour golf balls. I remember seeing Hex tour soft but I don't ever recall seeing this specific named Callaway golf ball. Seeing how I lost 6 balls yesterday playing, I figured I could give these a try and not lose half a dozen Taylormade TP5 pix. Has any other Spies seen or played this specific Callaway Hex Tour ball?


  6. Well, Thanks to some help from holiday gift cards and some rewards points here and there... put my order in for Mizuno Pro 225s 5 - GW in Nippon Modus 3 105. I can't wait till I get them in my hands. Hopefully it does not get hit with delays and arrive on the expected delivery date..... I can hope right?

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  7. I picked up the 17* to replace my 5 wood in mid November to fill the large gap between my driver and top end iron but so far it has not been working out for me. It might be the length of the club or the way I am trying to hit it. It has the ball speed of a rocket and in my off hits will still roll forever to the distance but... suffering with flat out carry number and flight. I'll continue to practice with the club until next spring but, I'm leaning towards demoing a Utility iron or going back to regular fairway wood.

  8. I just started golfing so it might not be much, but I also have the Rogue X irons and I thought I could give you some information. I swing around 80 ~ 85mph and using regular steel shafts. These irons tend to go about a full club higher, I noticed because my contact swings sent the ball much further than what I expected. And i realized the lofts are really different in these compared to my dads, I figured it out when I looked up the product specs and PW loft is at 41°. As a beginner I have no issues with the Rogue X, they really help me get the ball in the air and gives me the extra distance I can't get because my slower swing speed and overall early development swings.

  9. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score?

    I've learned how to swing a 7 iron back in highschool 15 years ago and never tried or played golf till Jan 2021 so... about 5 weeks i suppose? I would love to know my handicap as well! Seeing as I've still have not been on the field yet, I suspect anywhere from +30 and infinity!

    What do you love about golf?

    Surprisingly I hated learning back in highschool but when I went to topgolf with my friends in January I just fell in love. It may have to do with I have not done any sports or anytype of physical activity since leaving the military 10 years ago. Now I look forward to going to the driving range and working on my swings and talking about golf with my friends and coworkers.

    What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?

    I was searching google for a golf community and poking my nose at places and i found MyGolfSpy. I've read some posts and I felt that the community isn't very hostile or negative towards newcomers.

    Where are you from? What is your home course?

    I'm from Duluth, GA! There are so many golf courses and driving ranges! Pretty lucky for a brand new learner I suppose. I've yet to go on the field/course yet so I should start looking for a home course.

    What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?

    Good old Georgia weather should let me play or practice outdoors pretty much all year or most of the year. I can imagine trying to play in the summer heat would be pretty miserable unless I toughen up.

    What do you do for a living?

    I work in IT, Datacenter operations.

    How’d you pick your user name?

    I think it was a game ID I started using back in highschool.

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  10. Hello!

    I am a new budding golfer looking for a place of learning and discussion.

    I sort of learned how to swing irons back in highschool back 15 years ago... but decided it was time to really learn and play golf with my friends. I look forward to all the information and tips and hopefully learn how to properly play golf and maybe even go below 100 on the field.

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