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  1. Ping is always foregiving, I use a tommy armour with adjustable hosel.
  2. I am changing to all hybrids, 2,3,5 adams a3os and rommy armour 4 with recoil 65.
  3. Hit a good drive, had 164 to hole with a head wind. Hit my 5 hybrid, put it on the front of green. Best shot I have hit in a while.
  4. Thank you and Happy Birthday to the people born on this day.
  5. Golfworks and Hireko are the two I use, making my own clubs. Good prodicts from both., supply is getting to be a problem.
  6. Welcome to MGS and the game of golf, pine meadow is a good place for clubs as well as ebay. Good luck with your game, remember tp have fun.
  7. Welcome to the forum, hope ypu enjoy, good people here.
  8. I started with a Hagen international set, 1,2,4w and 3-pw. I have played Ping, Adams, Callaway, Nike. The ones I played with the longest was Adams irons 3,4,5 hybrid 6-pw with a Cleveland DST driver. The rest is like a blur.
  9. Power built is a good starter set, I have the STi 2 iron set 6 thru gw. I would say the STi 2 is a set you would keep for a long time, and you came add any irons you want. Maltby is a great set that plays well.
  10. I have changed my irons and went from fw to hybrids. Now I amd changing the shaft in my driver, ordered a shaft adapter and regular flex shaft form golf works. Will post pictures when I get them.
  11. Welcome to the forom and back to golf.
  12. I play a fade with my driver and long irons, striaght with the rest of my irons.
  13. 2nd swing is a good place to go, and if they have store. That's even better, getting fit is always a plus.
  14. I like a high ball flight, if I hit the ball low. I lose distance, driver and irons.
  15. I would like to win a driver fitting with new driver or the Callaway staff bag.
  16. Tommy Armour driver and 4 h, Callaway 4 wood, Golf works irons, Pinemeadow putter, Acer wedges. So a mixed bag, hut they work for me.
  17. I have made clubs for myself using Hireko components. They are good components and last as long as other components, I have bought. Just discovered Golf works and like their components as well. Don't know if one is better than the other, both are good . Enjoyed playing with them.
  18. I bought a callaway 3 wood, steelhead plus. See if I can hit a 3 wood off the tee, better than my driver. Driver going way right, and can't seem to get it to go down the fairway. Got it at callaway pre- owned at a great price.
  19. Callaway chrome soft and callaway warbird. Still have some prov1 from last year.
  20. I have reshafted a Callaway 4 wood and ordered a 7 wood head and shaft to put together. Hope they improve my game.
  21. Driver and 4h tommy armour, fw adams 5,7 irons maltby STi2 6-gw, cleveland wedges 52, 54. ray scott silver ray putter. So i say five brands,
  22. Thanks for the help, I will give it a try.
  23. I am starting to loss distance and everything is going right. I think I am swaying in my golf swing, Any suggestions or tips, would be appricated.
  24. Look at pinemeadow golf clubs, the yukon series available in many high lofted woods.
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