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  1. We took pops out striper fishing for Father’s Day and had a good day. Pulled this honker out and made it a GREAT day!
  2. Alrighty @Lacassemhere we go!! Tommy Boy is an all timer for me so: “Richard…. Were you watching spanktravision? That’s a pretty lady out there. I wonder if she goes out with one of the YANKees”
  3. There may only be 5 of us, but a vat of chipotle chili will be empty by the end of the day Boy howdy!
  4. So I took a trip to Kona, HI last week to visit a good buddy who moved out here last year. Obviously had to get some swings in. I booked a last minute tee time at Hilo Municipal this morning and had a blast. Shot a solid 49-46 front/back, and would have liked to have the first hole back (no one likes to see a snowman especially on the inaugural hole). The landscape was really cool to see, because coming from Massachusetts to a tropical climate, I’m not accustomed to seeing palm trees especially on a golf course. We got rained on a bit so that made for some muddy conditions but that’s just part of the game. Overall I had a really pleasant experience. My only knock: there were no signs marking the holes.
  5. SNL’s “ Best of Chris Farley” is easily some of the best comedy you’ll ever see. I appreciate that, I’ve had it for 4 months and still smile when I look down at it
  6. I’ve loved Chris Farley since I was 6 years old and this is my homage to one of the greatest comedic actors of all time. Got this guy done in October.
  7. All reports I’ve seen have said multiple leg fractures and he was in surgery. Hopefully not career ending because Sundays are electric with Tiger in the mix.
  8. Did up a nice filet with some green beans and mashies... came out pretty good in a biased opinion
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