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  1. Did you ever order the 2 foot wide birdie ball putting mat? Sorry I know this thread is old but I just ordered a 2x10 and skipped on the mat for your feet. Was wondering if you had any feedback? Thanks!
  2. Former Hockey player and baseball player here who played some golf growing up and somewhat knew how to hit a golf ball raw but my drives always sliced right. Big banana fade. People would always say “you must have played hockey” didn’t realize my over the top move was that obvious. Fast forward to 2020 and me getting into golf and taking it serious to get to scratch (personal goal). I bought the fancy F9 driver that I literally used twice before the season started because I was scared of losing the ball OB off the tee every time. 2020 I only hit irons and 3 wood off the tee(Sporadically). Driver didn’t sniff an official round in 2020. I made it my goal to learn how to hit my driver without any fear in 2021 off season. I hit golf balls 4-5 times a week and focused on driver a lot of time as I was getting over the fear of the driver. At first learning how on my own was tough cuz I didn’t know where to start, then finally I decided to try what most people on here are telling you “change your swing path” and shallowed it out and I started seeing my ball go right to left which I’ve never seen in my life before with a driver. I was working on it and seeing the results where now my miss was a duck hook instead of a 80 yard slice. Which now I’m starting to work my driver back to a slight fade and I couldn’t be happier that I can adjust my driver because before less than a year ago I was lost. And now it’s become my favorite club in the bag. Keep working on it and trust the changes even when you’re not making solid contact. Trial and error of course and a lot of money of range balls and drivers (F9, Mavrik SZ, and now my trusty SIM2) sorry to keep going but shafts also make a huge difference too! Hope this helps.
  3. I think I’ll stick with my SIM2! Not a fan of the colors if that’s the head, but love the “Stealth” name, just should have made it all black if it’s gonna be called the Stealth. But intriguing to see the new face technology!
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